January 28, 2022

Pregnancy and Eating for Two

When a woman is pregnant, one of the sign and symptom during the first trimester, which is the first 3 months of having the fetus, would usually manifest nausea and vomiting. Sometimes there is also evidence of a loss of appetite for a few months. However, as the baby increases in size, there is usually the sudden increase of appetite of the mother. There is sometimes the condition called pica to be present, wherein the mother would usually crave for unlikely food or item. There is no explanation for this condition, but there have been reports that pregnant women usually experiences this.

When a woman is pregnant, there is an increase of calorie intake needed. The fetus is fed via the bloodstream with the nutrients from the mother, passing through the umbilical cord and to the placenta that houses everything. It is normal and expected for pregnant women to splurge and have an increase in appetite. This is usually common and seen in the late secondary trimester and in the late trimester wherein there is an increase and spurt of growth of the fetus.

It may be normal to eat for two, but the mother has to bear in mind that what she eats she delivers to the baby. With that, she has to be careful on the food she eats so that the baby as it comes out will be healthy.

Conditions such as polyhydramnios are usually caused by an increase and uncontrolled intake of glucose. Sometimes, the end result would be babies with weight above the normal. This is not healthy as there would be a relapse of the baby of the nutrients and the body may go into shock.

Eating for Two in a Healthy Way

Pregnant women has to know the donts and dos of eating while pregnant. These are the following items they have to consider and look into while pregnant so as to avoid having complications during the pregnancy, during the labor and delivery, and most important of all, in order to have a healthy baby.

Mothers should avoid:

1)Food high in caffeine such as coffee and soft drinks 2)Too much sugar content 3)Too much fat and cholesterol content 4)Salty food 5)Drinking alcoholic drinks 6)Smoking 7)Taking medications without the doctors permission 8)Eating spicy food and oily food as it precipitates nausea and vomiting

Mothers should:

1)Eat green and leafy vegetables 2)Drink plenty of water everyday 3)Drink vitamins and supplements as prescribed 4)Drink milk 5)Doctors would usually prescribe iron supplements, with that, it should be taken in with vitamin C to help facilitate the absorption of the vitamin. 6)Observe a healthy lifestyle. 7)Eat fruits to help prevent constipation

Pregnant women should not be conscious of what she eats. It is very likely normal for a pregnant woman to eat plenty. It is not the right time to go unto a diet regimen as it is unhealthy for the baby. Hence, eating healthy and eating right is the key to have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy.

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