October 28, 2021

Pregnancy and Smoking – The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and smoking; there are no two words in the English language that sound worse next to each other than these two. Smoking is positively the most dangerous thing that pregnant women can do to their babies. But there is good news. There are smoking cessation techniques available today that make it very easy for expecting mothers to quit smoking. Read on to see how you can easily quit smoking to protect your baby (and yourself).

Time for a brief look at why smoking is dangerous for your baby. Think of your baby being, let’s say, a month old. Would you take that precious little baby into a crowded bar full of people smoking? Of course not! Your poor child would be choking on the cigarette smoke, gasping for fresh air.

But in essence that is what you are doing when you smoke during pregnancy. Everything you take into your system is passed on to your baby through your blood stream that feeds the placenta. So, all the dangerous chemicals and toxins absorbed into your body through cigarette smoking are passed on to your baby. These toxins have many dangerous effects but the primary dangers are pre-term birth and low birth weight.

But, as stated above, you can protect your baby from the hazards of smoking by quitting smoking as soon as possible. But expecting mothers have fewer options for quitting smoking than other smokers. Why? Well the two most common smoking cessation techniques, medications and nicotine replacement therapies (like the patch) are not viable options for pregnant women. Smoking cessation medications are not to be taken by pregnant women. And the patch feeds nicotine into your system and you want to avoid nicotine while pregnant.

There is a way to stop smoking in pregnancy that is not only safe but extremely effective. What is this miracle smoking cessation technique? Hypnotism. This method of quitting smoking is all natural and it works extremely fast with a high success rate. Hypnotism techniques have changed over the years from the swinging pendant, look deeply into my eyes, you are getting “sleeeeeeeeepier” kind of hypnotism to very scientific techniques.

Nicotine addiction is much more psychological than physical. Hypnotism works by breaking the psychological addiction to smoking. Look at all the people who go back to smoking after years of being smoke-free. This was not due to the physical addiction to nicotine; in these cases the psychological addiction was never addressed.

But hypnotism wipes out the mental cravings to smoke. And if you use the right method of hypnotherapy your chances of quitting smoking are very high. New methods of hypnotherapy do not even require you to leave your house, all you have to do is listen to an audio recording to have the mental cravings to smoke removed.

Pregnancy and smoking are two words that should never go together. Using modern hypnosis techniques you can break the bond and protect the health of your baby. So consider hypnotherapy as your best chance to safely and easily quit smoking during pregnancy.

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