Complications That May Result In Late-term Abortion

To ensure that you are in the best of to deliver your baby, some complications may arise during this period that might not just mean discomfort or for you but might be life-threatening too. If a life-threatening has developed late inside maternity, it might be better to seek out prenatal care from an expert and one such option will be getting in touch with a specialist who can you with terminating your before such a grave complication arises.

Life Threatening Complications That May Require Late-term Abortion:/p>


There is a condition that affects some expectant mothers which occurs when their blood pressure gets very high. In many cases, there are medications and bed rest that can help the condition. When this doesn’t work, mom may have to have her baby early (vaginal or cesarean delivery). If the baby isn’t viable, an abortion may be necessary. In these situations, she will need to find an abortion clinic.

Uterine Cancer

There are times when uterine cancer is discovered during late stages of maternity. As a result of the spread of cancerous cells inside the pregnant ’s and to the baby, delivery of or an abortion needs to be done immediately.

Ectopic Pregnancy

For women who have had a tubal , this may be a more serious issue. An ectopic pregnancy is a situation in which the fertilized egg starts to grow somewhere other than inside the uterus. This is especially critical for women who are taking BC as these may mask an ectopic pregnancy for at least a few months that could result in massive bleeding and death not only for the mom but also for her unborn baby. Sometimes, ectopic pregnancies aren’t detected during early stages and even when they are diagnosed later, it might not be fully possible to save the fetus. In such cases, doctors often refer their patients to seek alternative forms of therapy through various sources before resorting to surgical means of treatment. When all other measures fail, many doctors today turn toward giving women injections with medications like Methotrexate that kill all any remaining placental tissue without causing any harm to mom or baby.

Which Type of Late-term Abortion Procedure Can You Need?

If a physician determines that you require a late-term abortion, after 19 weeks of pregnancy, you need to consult the clinic regarding what procedure is best for your particular case. A common procedure is called a dilatation and evacuation, wherein the womb is dilated and the fetus and placenta (after birth) are removed. induction can be carried out with uterotonic medications like Misoprostol (cytotec) or Oxytocin (Pitocin). Medications are given to stop the fetal heartbeat before operating either dilatation and evacuation or labor induction treatments. The third and final method is the hysterotomy, similar in several to a C-Section. It involves the use of anesthesia, surgery of the womb and stomach and removal of the fetus, and its umbilical cord. This is then followed by sealing off any incisions with a tight sterile bandage over the lower abdomen.
Misoprostol Fetal Abnormalities

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