Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are known to be experienced by women more than men. However, it is true that hot flashes are not exclusive to only menopausal women. There are some medical conditions that allow a person to suffer from hot flashes, like low pressure and pre-menstrual syndrome. It is not uncommon for hot flashes to affect prostate cancer patients. Hot flashes in pregnant women can be common as well.

hormones bring on a lot of changes for the expecting mother. During , some women have fluctuating estrogen levels which can significantly impact their day-to-day lives. In fact, 75% of menopausal women also suffer from hot flashes and while hormonal fluctuations are not able to be pinpointed as the main cause, there is no such thing as an anxiety-free life and stress is one of the leading of hot flashes amongst pregnant women.

When it’s mild, there are ways to manage hot flashes. Avoiding alcohol, , spicy and smoking can help. The same goes for pills and hot environments. Doing light exercise (with a physician’s approval), such as yoga, is really helpful too. For heavy hot flashes, changes aren’t enough – other treatments are needed such as herbal remedies and . Always speak to your doctor when pregnant before taking medicine of any kind.

A menopausal who is undergoing hot flashes might do fine with hormone treatment for severe hot flashes. But a pregnant woman cannot have hormone therapy, as it will lead to . Some anti-depressant medications are also not recommended for pregnant women because they get into the fetal bloodstream.

As any other women, the way pregnant women deal with hot flashes depends on their lifestyle. If a pregnant woman is more active she increases her chances of having hot flashes than if she is relaxing most of the time. We know it can be tough being pregnant while feeling wobbly, but we are here to remind you that there are several things you can do to feel better: exercise, trust in yourself and that everything will be just fine!

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