Pregnancy Massage Islington

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Pregnancy Massage Islington Rachel Francis

I am a fully trained and insured pregnancy massage therapist.

Massage during pregnancy can help relieve your muscle aches and pains caused by added weight and postural change. It induces relaxation and relieves both physical and emotional stress.

Pregnancy massage is different from conventional massage in that you will be lying on your side. This position ensures that you are supported and comfortable whilst I am able to work more deeply into the areas that are causing you stiffness and discomfort.

“Rachel is really lovely and professional and gives a seriously relaxing and therapeutic massage leaving me floating for days afterwards.”
Daisy, Stoke Newington

About me

I used to suffer from frequent muscle pain and spasms in my lower and upper back that made sitting and walking painful and uncomfortable. After paying a lot of money for physiotherapy, I realised that regular massage not only helped prevent periods of acute pain but also helped to reduce my stress levels and improve my overall well-being.

I decided that I wanted other people to experience these benefits and as I have always loved giving and receiving massage, I decided to practice professionally.

Everybody is different so I treat each client individually, focussing on specific problem areas and adapting the massage to each person’s needs.

It’s great to see how relaxed my clients are after a treatment. The positive feedback I receive gives me real job satisfaction.

I hold a qualification from the Massage Training Institute and am fully insured.

Pregnancy massage islington

“I have tried various physiotherapists and sports therapists over the years and was incredibly impressed by Rachel’s ability to find the exact spots causing me the most bother in no time at all. She has great hands and good listening skills. I only wish she lived a bit closer!”
Nina, St Albans

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