Pregnancy Morning (Hypermisis Gravidarum) and Homeopathy Treatment

A women’s body goes through different changes during pregnancy that may effect her digestive system and cause the morning sickness. Pregnancy sickness or morning sickness can be experienced by some women during pregnancy and some may not experience it at all. Some may experience it severely in this case, this in medical term called Hypermisis Gravidarum (HG). HG is sever form of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. It prevents the necessary intake of food and fluids. This can happen during 1st semester of pregnancy and in some for longer and around 20% may suffer during the whole pregnancy. This type of morning sickness has some complications, like dehydration and production of ketone, metabolic imbalance, nutritional deficiency and inability to perform daily activities and duties.

There is a difference between Hyperemesis and morning sickness, in the morning sickness, nausea sometimes accompanied by vomiting; nausea will stop after 12 weeks, vomiting does not cause severe dehydration, and some food can kept down in stomach.

In Hyperemisis Gravidarum there signs that can be the indication of this problem:

– Chronic Nausea
– Vomiting of bile or blood.
– Chronic dehydration.
– Muscle weakness.
– Weight loss of more than 10% of body weight before pregnancy.
– Inability to drink.
– Decrease in urination
– Headaches
– Confusion, fainting
– Jaundice
– Extreme fatigue
– Low blood pressure
– Rapid heart rate
– Loss of skin elasticity
– Secondary anxiety/depression

Homeopathy is one of the effective methods of treatment can be used for pregnancy sickness. Homeopathic remedies are safe to be used during pregnancy.

Please note you must always consult your qualified Homeopathic Practitioner for treatment.

The followings are some of the remedies can be used to reduce and treat the sever morning sickness.

1 – Nux Vomica is a good remedy when there is nausea especially in the morning and after eating.Women is impatient, irritable and feels chilly. There is a continues urge to vomit, often without any success, there is burning sensation in the stomach as well is cramp in the stomach, she often feels better after eating and there is a good appetite.

2 – Pulsatilla it is a good remedy when there is a nausea which worse in afternoon and evening.

3 – She feels sick by most of the foods specially fatty and greasy food. Three is no thirst even though she feels better by cool drinks. Women is usually weepy and needs lots of attention and insecure.

4 – Ipecac: this remedy is useful when there is a constant nausea, with retching and belching. Even after vomiting the nausea remains. She feels worse by motion and lying down.

5 – Sepia is a good remedy for periodic nausea, empty feeling in stomach. She feels worse before eating and especially in the morning, symptoms worse by odours, she is worse by lying. There is salty taste in the mouth. Patient craves for vinegar and sour foods. Often woman is sad and indifferent to her family.

These are the sample of remedies can be used to treat this sever morning sickness during pregnancy, there are lots of other homeopathic remedies can be prescribe according to pregnant women symptoms, which can be discusses in consultation with a qualified registered homeopath.

So there is choice everybody is entitled, to choose their own method of treatment, as long as there is awareness in all available methods

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