Myths Revealed – The 4 Biggest Old Wives Tales

Before, during and after , couples hear a lot of rumors, and old wives tales from friends, family members and those in the media. It can be to separate fact from fiction! If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, it’s important to understand these 4 biggest myths with research backing up each myth’s legitimacy.

1. There’s no proven way to determine the of your baby before birth except through an ultrasound – Some people believe that you can determine the sex of your baby by whether they’re high or low in your belly, by having a confirm her pregnancy after performing a urine test, or because she craves certain foods. The most accurate way to determine the sex of an unborn is through an ultrasound.

2. The myth of eating for two – It’s a popular misconception that pregnant women should eat the food needed to sustain themselves. While this can be true in extreme circumstances, it’s not necessary in many cases. In reality, pregnant women only need to increase by 300-400 calories per where some professionals claim that overweight women may lose weight!

3. Drinking when pregnant – Some may claim drinking a few drinks is perfectly safe. Truth be told, no alcohol should ever be consumed when expecting. Alcohol can cause irreparable harm to your unborn baby, as it sinks into your bloodstream and finds its way to your embryo. However, if you were in a big night out a couple of weeks ago and just found out you are expecting, don’t panic! The majority of complications associated with fetal abuse involves binge drinking over an extended period of time rather than one-off occurrences.

4. You might believe that household appliances are safe to use around a pregnant mother, but many old wives’ tales have appeared throughout history that claim the opposite. Science has shown these devices to be quite safe for use before, during and after pregnancy.

These are the 4 biggest myths about pregnancy. Science has found no evidence to support these false beliefs. If you are concerned about the development of your unborn baby or about your pregnancy, talk to your doctor for reliable and current information.

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