Pregnancy Signs – How To Identify Them Correctly

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Do you feel that something is not right and is odd? Are your breasts swollen or a little tender? Does it happens that your stomach is upset by certain smell? Do everyone look at you with a funny look as you are going for unscheduled bathroom breaks? Do you experience unusual pains and aches? Do you have untimely periods or no period at all this month?

Yes, you are right. You might be pregnant and should confirm this by a pregnancy test. Pregnancy signs are impossible to miss once you are carrying a baby. There are various common and uncommon symptoms of preganancy during an early phase. Experiences of pregnancy differ from woman to woman.

Light bleeding is one of the early pregnancy sign which makes it difficult to understand that pregnancy exists. Most of the time woman considers it to be normal monthly flow during the early stages of pregnancy. In some cases, it might happen during the normal periods also which makes it even more difficult to distinguish. The main reason behind light bleeding is due to the fertilized egg that implants itself into the endometrial lining of the uterus. Spotting or light bleeding is usually the consequences of this process. A pregnant woman may not discover pregnancy until she initiates a pregnancy test due to her light flow.

For most of the woman, repetitive trips to bathroom not uncommon but in case when you feel that this is happening on an unusual schedule then you can suspect something. That something could be a little one inside you who is telling you his or her presence discreetly. A pregnant woman experiences the symptom of frequent urination all throughout her nine months. So, it is not the case that you would feel it only during the beginning phase. Symptom of frequent urination might be there even after one or two weeks of conception which is too early for you to miss a period.

Irritability is the sign of pregnancy that no one likes. This is the result of sudden harmone changes in the body. Most of the people become a little cranky due to repetitive bathroom trips, nausea, or heartburn. How can anyone feel good by someone’s disposition in such a situation.

You would be happy to know that irritability diminishes in the second trimester. This is the result of decrease in harmone surges and woman adjusts with the changes in her body. Pregnancy friendly exercises, good nutrition, and patience is the only cure to all such problems. Rest is also very important for a pregnant woman.

Some of the very common pregnancy signs can be dealt with a little patience. Remember, pregnancy is temporary, only for nine months.

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