Statistics And Adiana Sterilization

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statistics and Adiana sterilization don’t seem to have much in common at first, but there is some very news for who regret getting a tubal ligation or non-surgical permanent contraception. No matter what style of you used, as long as your regret it enough to want another , there is a way to reverse the procedure entirely and get pregnant again. So if you are curious about the statistics for women that have been diagnosed with Essure, Adiana, or tubal ligation reversal and want to know if you can conceive after having this permanent form of birth control done… then look no farther than right here. We hope that this article answers any questions or concerns you may have come across during your research process!

First of all, let’s address the fact that you might not have known Essure or Adiana sterilization could be reversed. As a matter of fact they can! In fact, Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Centers announced that they had done an Adiana reversal in February 2009 – being the first documented reversal ever to be published. The involved in the February reversal was a patient in the pre-approval trials.

The Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center also performs Essure reversals. The first Essure was approved by the FDA to be used as a birth control method was in 2002 – that’s only 14 years ago! – which means women have only started changing their minds about the birth control method in the last few years. This helps us understand just how important it is for there to be medical teams available who can reverse such so that women can get pregnant again if they want to without having to undergo another operation or pay out of pocket for procedures like tubal ligation reversals.

Going back to our previous statistics and point of why is it so important to know this information, we have to mention that if a woman decides that she doesn’t want a tubal ligation after all, she will often be told that reversal surgery is not possible. The surgery is said to be permanent. But don’t let this stand in your way. After extensive research, you can find more about the tubal reversal statistics that make it possible for many women to get pregnant again even years after undergoing a tubal ligation procedure. One thing we want to make clear with this study however, is the fact that there are guidelines one must follow in order for success rates at fertility after reversal of tubal ligation to increase as opposed to doing nothing (i.e.: going through with only natural methods).

That is the reason this pregnancy statistic study is so important. Now, readily available on the Internet, a woman or her doctor can review the results of data collected over 5000 women over almost a decade. You can learn first hand how tubal reversal compares to IVF which is the alternative given to most women seeking another pregnancy. You can see for yourself just how much better tubal reversal is. And knowing that as time goes on, you will have more opportunities to have because there is no expiration date when it comes to a tubal reversal. In fact, the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center receives testimonials quite often from women announciing their second or third pregnancy after tubal reversal surgery.

To end on a happy note, I’m pleased to announce that one of our CHTRC patients has come through with good news. She was able to become pregnant with her husband again. This is the third case recorded where we have had pregnancies after undergoing reversal surgery.

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