January 24, 2022

Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream Causative Factors And Pattern Of Stretch Marks

According to American Pregnancy Association, one of the major skin concerns among pregnant women is stretch marks. These are ugly, colored streaks that run across the skin in varying lengths and widths. While they pose no harm to body health, they may deeply affect a womans self esteem and cause a lot of distress in her life. Only a pregnancy stretch mark cream can help in this case.

Two factors cause stretch marks during pregnancy
Factor #1: The skin gets expanded rapidly to accommodate the growing fetus. Although the skin is adaptive to continuous expansions and contractions, during pregnancy it does not get sufficient time to adjust to the rapid and massive expansion. The body expands quicker than the skin. This tears the inner layer of the skin called the dermis. It exposes the innermost layer of skin, the subcutaneous layer, causing a scar-like mark on the surface. This is called stretch mark or striae gravidarum.

Factor #2: The skin gets primed by high levels of hormones during pregnancy. Hormones have more affinity towards water. So, they attract a large number of water molecules into the skin. This loosens the bond between connective fibers of skin and collagen. As this happens, skin gets weak and more vulnerable to tearing during the big stretch of pregnancy. This reason for stretch mark formation is not yet completely established by scientists. The debate is on.

Pattern of stretch mark formation
Skin experts advise women to start using a pregnancy stretch mark cream as soon as they reach the third trimester of pregnancy, or as soon as they see their bellies expanding. Studies show that light-skinned women are more prone to developing pinkish marks. Darker-skinned women tend to develop marks that are a shade lighter than their surrounding skin.

This is how stretch marks show their presence on the skin:

In the first stage, marks appear as pinkish or purplish. They may also itch. Skin around the affected area appears flattened or thin.

In the second stage, marks enlarge and become more prominent.

In the third stage, marks lose their pinkish hue and become mature. This is usually after pregnancy when they begin to fade and become silvery white or gray. They look more like a scar now. You may also find a depression at the affected area.

Celtrixa reviews
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