Symptoms Week by Week

For ladies, a weekly guide may be a nice tool to track your baby’s growth. Some of these guides come with DVDs that talk about the various of and can provide some useful tips on what symptoms to look out for too and use as a gauge to let you know how your baby is developing during each week.

Although a lot of experience early symptoms; nausea, fatigue, and missing periods as an example, many other ladies don’t necessarily the first signs of being pregnant. Certain pregnancy symptoms can be confused with other illness` although the following comprise some tell tale signs: one of the most common symptoms is morning but lucky for others they might never have to suffer from this early pregnancy symptom.

Morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy is a very common occurrence and will eventually go away by week 12 of your pregnancy. ​ Nausea is your body’s reaction to certain stimuli, however for those who don’t know; the most common causes of morning sickness are due to the changes happening to hormones, reactions from specific smells or even sometimes poisoning! Please note that nausea tends to creep up in the middle of the night which can result in vomiting if you’re already asleep.

Pregnant women become very sensitive to smell. Frequent urination due to pressure on the bladder and lower abdominal is a common sign of pregnancy. Headaches, nausea, vomiting, and exhaustion are all symptoms attributed to hormonal changes in the body.

Feeling nauseous or like vomiting during the day is a common early pregnancy symptom. It’s triggered by hormonal surges, and it typically occurs in the morning. While it may not seem ideal, affecting your ability to plan things during this time of day, it actually shows that you are pregnant. If your feels queasy and you have trouble eating anything in the morning, keep some fresh fruit chunks around to nibble on if needed, as well as crackers when times are particularly tough. A small meal is fine, but try to avoid large that can induce nausea for those first few months!

Breast Changes

Sometimes people experience breast tenderness before their period is due. One thing to note is that it normally takes about three to four weeks for you to know for sure if you’re pregnant or not.

Tiredness throughout the stages of pregnancy is normal. Expect it to continue during the entire duration of gestation.

Food cravings are still a bit of a mystery to science. Some doctors feel this is the way our body acquires the minerals it requires from food. This pregnancy symptom is one of the earliest signs that you’re pregnant and will last all throughout your pregnancy!

Frequent Urination

Being pregnant can often be accompanied by frequent trips to the bathroom. This is because even though the bladder capacity increases, a pregnant woman’s bladder doesn’t have the same pressure on it as normal. That’s why a woman will not have to go as often as she usually would when she isn’t pregnant, but in general she will still need to go more than 12 times a day.

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