January 24, 2022

Pregnancy Test The First Confirmatory Test

A pregnancy test is essential to confirm ones pregnancy because all the subsequent steps depend on the findings of this test. The pregnancy test helps one to measure the level of a specific hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG), present in ones urine. This hormone is produced when a fertilized egg gets rooted in the uterus and this usually occurs after six days of the fertilization. The level of HCG in the human bloodstream increases after the fertilization of the egg. A pregnancy test enables a woman to know about the increase in the level of the HCG in her bloodstream, generally a week after the expected time of the start of her monthly periods.

Pregnancy Test Kit

A number of pregnancy test kits are easily available in the market and are very easy to use. These kits involve collection of a urine sample to measure the level of HCG in a persons body. It is better to collect the sample early in the morning when the hormone is undiluted. A pregnancy test kit contains a strip that needs to be dipped into the urine sample. These test kits use different methods to show the results of the sample. While some show positive (+) or negative (-) sign to indicate the result, there are others that show pink or purple lines to confirm the pregnancy.

Sometimes the test may give a negative result, despite one being pregnant. In that case one should check for the timing or regularity of the periods or the menstrual cycle. It is also advisable to take another pregnancy test or visit the doctor for proper advice.

Chemical Pregnancy

In some of the cases, the results of a pregnancy test may not be accurate. It means that while the test may show positive results implying the presence of the HCG in urine, the development of the egg may not be proper. This is basically due to a concept called chemical pregnancy in which a fertilized egg starts producing HCG but fails to develop further.

In early stages of pregnancy, several signs of pregnancy such as a tender breast, exhaustion, morning sickness, frequent urination can easily be noticed. However, one cannot rely only on the symptoms of pregnancy or a pregnancy test alone. It is always better to carry out subsequent pregnancy tests to confirm ones pregnancy even after the test is positive or negative.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience in a womans life. So one should remain confident during its tenure and go for all the necessary tests. In cases when an early pregnancy test shows negative results and you are experiencing some of the symptoms of the pregnancy, it is better to consult a doctor and resolve all the doubts. One should not hesitate to seek an answer to all the queries and fears in mind. A pregnancy test, however, remains the foremost and the first step to confirm the pregnancy.

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