Capturing the Moment Great Pregnancy Keepsakes

Every expecting mother wants to meet her baby as soon as possible, and often wishes that her pregnancy would fly by. However, once your little one arrives, you may find yourself wishing that you had taken more time to remember and capture your pregnancy. Here are five wonderful ways you can capture the moment and return to it whenever you’d like.

1. Pregnancy Photography

There’s no better way to visually remember your pregnancy than photography. Whether you hire a professional photographer, ask a friend, or do it yourself, these pictures can capture the blissful moments during your nine months. An emerging trend is to record your entire pregnancy. If you’d like to create a truly unique memory, consider taking a picture of yourself every day in the same location and pose and then time lapse the images. The result will truly capture how your little one grew!

2. A Belly Bust

If you’ve got the room, you could consider making a bust of your belly. It’s essentially a paper mache project for adults! This pregnancy keepsake immortalizes the actual shape and size of your belly. After casting your belly, you can decorate it or write a poem to your baby, or simply leave it plain. Keep in mind: you’ll need space to display and/or store it!

3. A Pregnancy Journal

Whether you create your own or purchase a ready-to-go version, a pregnancy journal allows you to record thoughts and important events in your own handwriting for your daughter or son to enjoy at a later date. Pregnancy journals allow you to record the first kick as well as chronicling all those interesting pickle and peanut butter cravings.

4. 3-D Sonograms

If you can’t wait to meet your little one, consider purchasing a 3-D sonogram. This technique provides a more realistic view of your baby, as well as how he or she is developing in utero. You may even be able to determine early on who your little girl or boy looks the most like!

5. Pregnancy Scrapbook

A scrapbook helps you to blend the best of other keepsakes including photography and journaling. In addition, it allows you to display other important papers such as doctor’s reports, baby shower keepsakes, and scraps from that baby blanket you made (or started to make, but never quite finished). It’s a good idea to complete the scrapbook during your pregnancy rather than after because once your baby is born you will have very little free time to work on it.

Pregnancy is a truly magical time. Consider creating a keepsake so that you will always be able to remember this precious experience.

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