Choosing A Pregnancy Book

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Here’s something you may not know about pregnancy – it causes something that a lot of women refer to as “pregnancy brain”. It is due to hormonal changes and describes a level of forgetfulness and a struggle to think clearly that is part of the earlier stages of pregnancy. It is one of the reasons that a pregnant woman will forget things she has heard or read and why a good pregnancy book is an ideal gift or purchase.

What can a pregnancy book do for someone with pregnancy brain? It is a publication that can help more than just those suffering from hormonal disruptions during the early part of the pregnancy because a pregnancy book is going to tell women:

What to expect on a week by week basis
How to do things like exercise or breastfeed
What to expect during delivery and labor
How to prepare for conception
What to do after their baby has arrived

This may not sound like a great deal of information, but a pregnancy book is often packed with details. For example, the first item above indicates that there are different things to expect each week, and that is a fact. For instance, by the fourth week of pregnancy a woman may already be experiencing some very noticeable signs, and by the fifteenth week she is well aware of the many changes occurring in her body as well as in the baby’s body.

Pregnancy is a very complicated process, and many women have a lot of questions about what to expect and about what is happening. Having a handy reference book can give them the answers that they need and will also reduce the anxiety that they are feeling. For example, if a woman has some discharge and is worried that it is a sign of a serious issue, the availability of an accurate and comprehensive pregnancy book would let her get some answers even as she waited for a physician to return a call.

Consider too that many pregnancy books deal with the pre-pregnancy phase and the post partum period too. Some even provide parents with information relating to their newborns and what sorts of changes may happen in a woman’s body immediately after giving birth. All of this information is essential and is the reason that a single resource, such as a pregnancy book, is often such a useful thing to have at hand.


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