Do Pregnancy and Stretch Marks Go Together

Pregnancy is something that most mothers are excited about. Most women who have given birth are afraid of one thing stretch marks. Since the belly stretches during pregnancy, the skin around that area is over stretched. Elastin and collagen in the dermis layers of the skin are damaged which causes the skin to lose its elasticity. When this happens, the formation of stretch marks will be evident usually shown by red, purple or dark lines on the skin. Women should know that there are actually ways to prevent this from happening and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy causes women to eat a lot of food. Since they are already eating for two, it is inevitable that they will gain weight. Most pregnant women do not know that there is a certain range of weight gain, around 25 to 35 pounds that can ensure that stretch marks will not form in the body. This is still a healthy weight gain that will ensure that the baby will be able to get the right amount of nutrients that it needs.

During pregnancy, the application of moisturizers must be done on a daily basis. Particularly during the first and second trimester, the skin needs to be moisturized all the time. The appearance of the stretch marks comes during the last trimester. The application of creams and moisturizers will keep the skin intact. Even if this is overstretched, the skin will be able to repair quickly.

Water is something that pregnant women need. During pregnancy and even after it, they are recommended to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water everyday. This keeps the skin moisturizes and hydrated protecting the skin from damage. Also, water helps clean the skin and remove the toxins that are trapped in the pores. Women who want to have healthy skin free of stretch marks, must drink a lot of water.

Vitamins help in the proper skin care of women. These promote the production of elastin and collagen in the skin, making it heal faster. Once the skin is damaged by over stretching, it can easily repair itself. Drinking vitamins is highly recommended for pregnant women and after giving birth to ensure that skin will not be prone to forming any stretch marks.

Prevention of stretch marks is not only done during pregnancy. Women who have already given birth must also take care of their skin. Drinking water, intake of vitamins and even moisturizing the skin must still be done post-pregnancy. Cocoa butter is an effective cream to reduce stretch marks. This can penetrates into the dermis, repairing the elastin and collagen that had been damaged. Stretch marks after pregnancy does not have to be a threat to most women. There are ways to prevent it, so make sure to follow these tips.

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