First Time Moms- Pregnancy Tips You Can Look For!

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Pregnancy being the most sensitive phase of life of every woman always wishes to experience of being a mom. First times moms get really excited to have a lot of information about their baby. They wish to know the sex of the baby, the kind of food and nutrition they need, whether to join work or no and a lot more. During this phase they are in need of help, care and support from their family. The most important thing recommended during this period is lot of care in terms of a healthy diet and reduction of stress levels. Pregnant working women go through lots of stress in their professional lives giving rise to complications. That must be taken care of by regular exercises and yoga that can keep stress levels at bay. A happy and calm mom means a calm baby.

Regular exercises during pregnancy help to keep a check at weight. Obesity can cause high blood pressure problems. Healthy diet is a must during pregnancy. It is recommended to keep out of food items such as ham, red meat, papaya, eggs, cheese, raw milk, alcohol, excessive tea or coffee. Sometimes food can cause a major risk for the fetus such as the baby can be susceptible to food borne bacteria and parasites. As if you develop any gastro intestinal disease or food borne disease in the first 3 months of pregnancy then there are maximum possible risks of miscarriage. Smoking and drinking is completely forbidden during pregnancy as it is a serious issue. Smoking can causes sudden miscarriage, premature birth and also death of infant during sleep. Make sure you have completely avoided smoking and drinking so that you’re unborn is safe.
7 months pregnancy is the last phase of the pregnancy where women are excited about the baby’s arrival and are ready to get there. Try to have a positive mind with good and positive thoughts so that worry or frustration does not affect you and your baby. There is no science behind this that during the 7 months of pregnancy your baby can open and shut his eyes without difficulty, can sense tastes, sound and voices as the amniotic fluid helps transmit taste, sense and sound. It is said that if women eat a variety of food can help baby to get influenced with a variety of food. At this period it is advisable to avoid loud music to avoid over stimulation of sound to the baby. Many women still work when they are 7 months pregnant or heavy work when their delivery date is due. Women might experience frequency of urination due to pelvic pressure When you are 7 months pregnant avoid work and exercises completely. As rigorous exercise, stress and heavy work can cause miscarriage in 7 months, preterm birth; vaginal bleeding and uterine contractions etc. women must have complete bed rest to avoid any kind of uterine complications. This is the time where you can your partner can plan for the baby’s arrival and you can talk to your baby as he can recognize your voice as his life has begun and become a great mom!

I am John Cooper An gynecologist, I have my own hospital in new York, USA. I would love to share some tips to first time pregnant moms. About my self I am very sweet and adorable person, I had vitiligo, then I used benoquin, monobenzone for vitiligo treatment and its gone !


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