Getting Pregnant Is Easy – 5 Points For A Sure Pregnancy

Very often married couples are having difficulty to have a baby often resort to schedule sex in a rather boring and unsexy way. The only purpose is to make sure pregnancy occurs at the right time. Pleasure takes a back seat and it becomes a chore to have sex in order to produce a baby.

If you are trying very hard on how to get conceived after many failed trials, here are the top 5 advice to get back your confidence while having an enjoyable sex!

Tip 1- timing is everything

Here we say pinpointing certain times in a month where chances of pregnancy is highest.!

The hard fact is ovulation ALWAYS happens about 14 days before the next period is due to start. Or to be more precise the menstruation will start 12 to 14 days after ovulation has started. In theory thisd is the best timing to get pregnant provided a sperm is successfully united with the egg in the uterus.

The other two ways are monitoring of the ovulation cycle by means of an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) and spotting the bodily symptoms of ovulation.

Ovulation predictor kit is readily available from your neighborhood pharmacy. Its principle of detection isIt will detect the rise of luteinizing hormone (LH) present in woman’s urine. The LH level normally rises just before ovulation happens. The only disadvantage of this test is some women inherently have high levels of LH especially those approaching menopause age. In this case, it won’t be very accurate.

A woman could easily tell that ovulation has occurred when one of the following symptoms is present:-

A. the basal body temperature goes down a little just before ovulation and then rises again soon after ovulation
B. the cervical mucus becomes more and more slippery, stretchy and transparent when ovulation is beginning to happen
C. mittelschmerz (a term to describe one-sided, lower abdominal pain that occurs in women at or around the time of an egg is released from the ovaries)

Tip 2 – schedule your sexual intercourse

Best is to write down on the calendar that estimated ovulation date and at least have sex on one day before ovulation and on alternate day for next five days. It may sound romantic to plan a specific week to make love but it could well be very romantic if you plan well.
Some spices could be added during the week like engaging in verbal and physical foreplay romantically, sexy body oil massage, light music, mild or some erotic paly if you are OK with it.

Tip 3 – try out different postures

Although the man-on-top is considered to be the universally considered best position for the sperms to flow into the cervix, there is no hard medical evidence to suggest that. It is OK to experience different positions as long as the semen remains in the vagina after ejaculation. The only sensible thing to do is for the woman to lie down on her back and raise her legs for a while immediately after sex.

Tip 4 – never do these things

This tip consists of three don’ts which are overlooked by the mating couples. They are:-

A. Woman should not be made to laugh immediately after sex. Laughing involves the tensing of muscles which could force the semen out of the vagina, thus lowering the chances of conception

B. Never make sex a stressful chore by having undue pressure on both man and woman. Try to keep it natural and romantic. It should not be likened sitting a SAT or examination!

C. Never drink before sex. Alcohol is proven to have adverse performance on man and woman.

Tip 5 – do it everyday or alternate days

Yes! What we mean here is to have sex every day (if you are up it) or every alternate day, starting right after your menstrutaion ends. It must be remembered that a sperm could survive in the woman for up to 5 or 6 days. So this method would give you a good chance to get pregnant. Some doctors say that having sex everyday would mean the sperms produced would not be sufficient for a successful fertilization. The other school of thought is having sex every other day would give enough time for the sperm count to build up.

It is frustrating to fail each time when you have tried so many methods. I would suggest you carefully go through the above pointers and keep trying. I am sure one day you would meet with success.

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