Green Pregnancy – Let It Be Natural

The most suitable and healthy way in which the body is kept free from all the pollutants and other infections by providing proper care is called green pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is always better to adopt a greenish style of living. Avoid artificial and stay hugged to the nature. The pollutants can very highly influence uterus and adversely affects your growing baby. Simple changes should be made adopted to your lifestyle during the pregnancy period. Great care should be provided at this period of life.

Only organic food or locally grownfood should be taken because it is always better to consume the least pesticides as avoiding pesticides have almost became impractical. The food which has the maximum chances for getting contaminated by pesticides includes various types of vegetables and fruits. Celery strawberries, peaches, spinach, apples, bell peppers, and potatoes can be easily contaminated. Oranges, bananas etc which are covered with a tough peel are least infected.
Try to avoid plastic containers as far as it is possible to and try to use food containers make of glasses which are even reusable. Studies have proved that usage of certain plastic can cause feminizing effect to the babies. Avoid using chemical products for your skin care except certain sunscreens. All sorts of pesticides should be kept away and during this period never use one at your sites. Certain plants repel pests and also mosquitoes. Plant them instead of using pesticides. Avoid air fresheners, detergents, carpet cleaners etc from the premises. Be hygienic but use should avoid hygienic artificial products and also perfumes. Only use those cleaning supplies which are non-toxic. Nail polishes may also contain harmful chemicals such as perfumes genuinely do.

You can use the alternatives of natural nail polishes which can also provide you with necessary charm to nails. All canned food should be avoided. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best options for food any one can have during this stage of life as they need least transport and processing. Some women at the time of pregnancy may become sensitive to tea and caffeine. Therefore it is always better to avoid caffeine as well as tea rather than going for a risk. Enjoy the pregnancy because there are also those women who can’t bear a baby. With such a beautiful blessing on you, try to maintain justice to it and spend days in a green way and go for the green pregnancy.

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