Have a Pain free Pregnancy with Chiropractic

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I was on four weeks of bed rest before it finally ended with a 14 hour delivery.- -They told me there is nothing they could do for the pain, than I had to go through labor.- -I had to miss one of my husband best friend’s wedding because I was in so much pain.- These are just a few of the quotes that I have heard from my friends that are just starting a family and is either trying to or just had babies. With my friends now having many babies so are my patients. With that, I have heard of many of the best and worst stories about pregnancy and the delivery. A couple of them have asked me is it ok for me to get a chiropractic adjustment while I am pregnant? Or can you do anything for the pain? The answer is yes, but I wanted to share with you some of the less thought of effects that chiropractic can ease during pregnancy.

The American Pregnancy Association says that chiropractic care during pregnancy can: Maintain a healthier pregnancy Control symptoms of nausea Reduce the time of labor and delivery Relieve back, neck or joint pain Prevent a potential cesarean delivery Chiropractic helps with all of these things by reducing the overall stress your body is under, aligning your spine to use less energy and work easier, and positioning your pelvis in the correct position to hold, support and then deliver your baby with greater ease. The care provided is non-invasive and is safe for the mom and the baby and in many cases can be covered by your insurance. If you or someone you love is pregnant and you want for them to have the safest and easiest pregnancy, suggest they get checked by a chiropractor during their pregnancy.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me, at . We provide pain management, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and wellness programs for Chicago and the northern suburbs of Chicago including Northbrook, Deerfield, Highland Park, Glencoe, and Glenview as part of a chiropractic wellness program.



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