December 6, 2022

How to Have an Environmentally-Friendly Pregnancy

The moment that you and your husband have been waiting for has finally arrived ñ you have recently discovered that you are pregnant! Congratulations! Since you seek to lead a green lifestyle, you and your husband are motivated to have an environmentally-friendly pregnancy. You understand that what is healthy for our planet is healthy for your baby, and you want to bring your baby into the world as peacefully and as eco-consciously as possible. Follow the following simple green tips to get you started.

Eat a Green Diet

1) Eat a healthy, balanced, plant-based diet.

2) Buy produce that is in season.

3) Buy fruit and vegetables from local farmers.

4) Purchase organic food.

5) Minimize or eliminate the animal products that you eat.

6) Select foods that have minimal packaging and are minimally processed.

7) Cook more meals at home instead of eating out or getting take-out.

Create an Green Nursery

1) Select a crib that is made from solid, sustainable wood that is treated with non-toxic paint or stain.

2) Purchase a natural mattress that is manufactured without any petrochemicals, such as wool or organic cotton mattresses.

3) Use natural fabrics for your baby’s sheets.

4) Wash all of your baby’s bedding with a natural, gentle baby detergent.

5) Select paints for your nursery that have low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). VOC’s are emitted into the air as the paint dries, giving off chemicals and gases, and creating a strong smell.

6) Aim to paint your nursery long before the baby is born and open the bedroom windows to air the space out.

7) Purchase an air purifier for the nursery to get rid of household allergens, gases and chemicals.

8) As for flooring, a wood floor, with a non-toxic treatment, is best for your nursery.

9) If you wish to add an area rug for some extra color, choose one made from natural fibers, either wool or organic cotton.

10) Make a concerted effort to avoid carpeting in your nursery. Carpets hold in pollutants, mold, and dust mites. Many carpets also release harmful fumes.

11) Select a changing table made of solid, sustainable wood.

12) Decide upon using either cloth diapers or chlorine-free diapers.

Avoid using hair dyes until after your baby is born.

1) Embrace your natural beauty!

2) Hair dyes often contain lead and chemicals that disturb your hormones.

Avoid chemical dry cleaners.

1) Opt for an environmentally-friendly dry cleaner that does not use the toxic solvent “perc,” which may accumulate in fatty tissue and breast milk.

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