How to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are inevitable amongst pregnant women. It’s estimated that over 90% of the pregnant women experience stretch marks on their body. While some women are not bothered by the situation, most of us might find it very embarrassing. During pregnancy these marks are not restricted to the belly, but it can appear on other body parts like thighs, arms, breasts, hips etc.

The extent or severity of the mark may vary based on several factors, primarily the skin type, body weight etc. Women who tend to put on too much weight are more prone to stretch marks in comparison to those who do not put on much weight. Women delivering twins are likely to notice severe marks during their pregnancy period.

Although there is no full proof way to prevent pregnancy stretch marks, there are many ways by which one can lower its dampening effect or its occurrence. Let’s have a look at the most effective ways by which one can prevent pregnancy scars and marks.

First and foremost, one needs to consider their health care. Try your best to avoid excess body weight. If you put on more weight than what is required, you will most likely develop scars and marks after your pregnancy.

You can try your hands on oils and creams which are available over the counter. Most of the creams are formulated to help one get rid of pregnancy stretch marks. There are many lotions out there which contain cocoa butter which is highly recommended to help you get your smooth and clear skin back. Although there is no concrete evidence to prove this claim, they have worked wonders for many pregnant women. Also, some of them have experienced reduction in the itching sensation.

Massage is another way to prevent pregnancy stretch marks. Make use of a good oil or cream for this purpose. Massage will provide space for the skin to grow without resulting into scarring.

Warm compresses are often applied on the belly to prevent the skin from scarring as it stretches during pregnancy. One needs to make sure that the warm compresses are used before the application of the cream, so that it helps the absorption of cream. This will ensure better results.

Drinking plenty of water is another great natural method to prevent pregnancy stretch marks. One should drink 8 glass of water on daily basis. This will keep your skin clean and hydrated. Hydrated skin is capable of maintaining its elasticity, thus eliminating the onset of stiae.

Diet is another important factor that will come into play over here. One needs to include food items which contain zinc and vital vitamins which are responsible for good skin. Protein rich diet also helps one fight the over stretching of the skin successfully.

Despite following all or some of these listed methods, one may not necessarily stay immune from stretch marks. In some cases, it can’t be avoided. One needs to continue with the treatment well after the pregnancy as well. Most of these measures will help you reduce the stretch marks, if not prevent them. In the end, no matter how many measure you take, your skin will suffer from the pregnancy but if you persist in treating your skin you are far more likely to keep your smooth skin.

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