Methods to Stop Snoring During Pregnancy

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If you have suddenly started snoring during pregnancy, consider it normal. Anytime during the 9 months of pregnancy, women start snoring but it is more normal during the last trimester. Snoring during pregnancy is usually based on the fact that the sudden increase in weight constricts the respiratory passages and puts pressure on the lungs leading to snoring. You might be snoring mildly or heavily depending upon individual constitution and weight gain. Not only would your partner or spouse be getting disturbed but it robs you of the much needed rest for the whole body and brain.

Though usually a minor disturbance, snoring during pregnancy can lead to severe health hazards not only for the mother but also for the unborn baby. If you have been feeling that you are sleep deprived and showing symptoms of daytime drowsiness, heightened irritability, memory problems, low concentration levels and poor alertness it is time to consult your gynaecologist or health care professionals to find the right snoring solution.

The onset of snoring usually brings on other related health hazards which can be harmful for both the mother and the baby. Snoring is a warning sign by the body that it is at a risk of developing diseases such as hypertension, heart related problems, diabetes, strokes and during pregnancy, preeclampsia is a risk that needs to be avoided.

If you or your spouse is confused with the sudden snoring episodes, it is good to understand the real reason behind your snoring. The ongoing noise of snoring not only affects the snorer but the bed partner. Thus, keeping in mind the well being and health of the ‘would be’ mother, unborn baby and the bed partner, it is best to look for a safe, non invasive snoring solution.

Usually excess weight gain, nasal congestion, pressure on the lungs due to increasing weight of the developing foetus are the leading causes of snoring during pregnancy. In most cases, snoring stops after delivery. Though in some cases, post natal snoring continues but snoring solutions can help you avoid the nightly discomfort and noise.

The sleep deprivation and fatigue that sets in due to snoring needs to be resolved at the earliest. The excess weight gain leads to layers of fat being deposited in and around the throat region which compresses the delicate breathing passages leading to soft tissue vibrations also called snores. Nasal congestions and breathing constrictions due to increasing pressure on the lungs is also a leading cause of snoring.
Using a variety of snoring remedies can help you stop snoring.

Nasal strips to widen the breathing passages while anti snoring nose drops lubricate the throat and nasal passages and help to smooth over the soft tissues causing lower vibrations. This puts a stop to snoring. Chin straps, mouth guards, throat sprays and nasal lubricating sprays work well for most people. As these snoring solutions are safe and devoid of any chemicals or are gadgets, there are no side effects. However, if you are sceptical of using anti snoring solutions, consult your doctor.

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