Modest Maternity Swimwear Finding Stylish and Trendy Pregnancy Swimsuits That Offer More Coverage

Women have different reasons for wanting a modest maternity bathing suit. Some feel that a swimsuit with more coverage is more flattering to their figure. Some want a more modest suit for a specific occasion. For example, what you wear on a babymoon with your husband may not be what you want to wear to the water park with your kids. Other women want to dress modestly because of their religious views.

Surprisingly, it can be difficult to find pregnancy bathing suits that offer more coverage. There is a wide range of swimwear options available to non-pregnant women, but the majority of maternity bathing suits seem to be based on the same style: tankinis with plunging neck lines and skimpy bikini bottoms. Some pregnant women will be comfortable and happy wearing that style. However, there are many women who are desperately searching for a suit that comes up a little higher on the top and/or is a little longer on the bottom. Fortunately there are some maternity styles available that do just that. The great news is that modest maternity swimwear does not have to be frumpy or out-dated. The options below are all cute and stylish, while still offering extra coverage.

For women who want more coverage on their upper half, there are a few styles that work well. For cleavage coverage, bandeau style tops are a good option because they are cut straight across the chest. Look for bandeau tops that come up higher on the chest, rather than those that come just to the top of the bust line. Another great option for cleavage coverage is a scoop neck or square neck tank style. Not only does it offer coverage, the wider straps will also provide bust support. For even more modest coverage, opt for a maternity rash guard swim shirt. This style gives the same coverage as a short sleeve t-shirt while still looking cute and sporty.

There are several options available for women who want more coverage on their lower half. Maternity swim skirts offer great coverage of the hips and upper legs. Most swim skirts have an attached brief, but you can also opt for a swim skirt with attached shorts for even more coverage, even if the skirt flips up. Maternity board shorts or swim shorts are another great option. If you are trying to get the most thigh coverage, look for the longest inseam measurement. For both skirts and shorts, look for those that have a belly panel to ensure that your belly won’t be peeking out, even in the final months of your pregnancy.

If you prefer a one piece maternity swimsuit, choosing one with a lower cut leg line will give more hip coverage and will also keep it from riding up in the back. Maternity swim dresses can provide coverage for both the top and bottom if they are a longer length, but keep in mind that when you are in the water, the dress will float up, exposing your belly and lower half. If possible, opt for a swim dress that has an attached one-piece swimsuit under the dress layer.

These pregnancy swimwear styles will allow you to enjoy your day at the beach or pool without worrying about tugging your top up, or your bottom down. The extra coverage also allows you to easily transition from the beach to the snack bar or boardwalk without needing to put on a cover-up. If you are looking for maternity swimwear with more coverage, you do have options. You just need to look a little harder. However, feeling comfortable and confident in your maternity swimsuit is well worth the time.

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