My Pregnancy Miracle And How I Beat Infertility Statistics

My Pregnancy Miracle and What I Learned From Lisa Olson

Trying to conceive and experience your own pregnancy miracle will answer your prayers and make your dream of motherhood a reality. Most would say that the first step is to get pregnant, however the first step in my case was to overcome causes of infertility. Trying to conceive was the hardest part for me.

The best time to get pregnant doesn’t even matter when you are trying to overcome causes of infertility. Trying expensive doctors and specialists that blame you or your spouse, and one failed IVF procedure after another can cause countless tears and make you can feel like you’re in the middle of a nightmare that may never end.

When you feel as though you’ve tried EVERYTHING to have a pregnancy miracle of your own and nothing has worked, DON’T GIVE UP! Make this decision. Decide to overcome causes of infertility.

If you really want your own bundle of joy with ten tiny fingers and ten little toes, keep reading to find out what you need to do.

A Pregnancy Miracle For The Discouraged
You need a pregnancy miracle, plain and simple. The problem is not you; it is what you’ve been told. You’ve been told that you or your spouse is suffering from “Impaired Fecundity” and were probably given countless numbers of infertility statistics.

At this point, you feel lost, confused, helpless and hopeless. You placed your trust in these doctors and specialists, and you’ve been told you cannot make the impossible possible. You want a healthy alternative to an IVF procedure; and you want facts (not fiction) when trying to get pregnant.

You can visit different doctors and different specialists, but it will cost you a few thousand dollars. You can try high-risk procedures and risk having unhealthy babies. There is a better way when trying to conceive.

Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle is the e-book that took me from “wishing for a baby” to “watching my first ultrasound” and overcoming causes of infertility.
The Pregnancy Miracle Book
Written by My Friend Lisa Olson
Before writing The Pregnancy Miracle, Lisa Olson spent 14 years as a devout fertility researcher and left no stone unturned while she was trying to conceive. The proof of her research and g7ha9fs diligence came to light when she overcame infertility at 43 by getting pregnant twice and giving birth naturally to healthy babies.

Since the day she overcame infertility and became a new mom, she has unselfishly coached thousands of former “hopelessly infertile”, discouraged, longing moms-to-be into pregnancy! She coached me, and I am now pregnant with my third baby. Without having met her, I consider Lisa Olson to be my dear friend.

My Pregnancy Miracle Took Us From Stressed to Blessed
Hope & Reconnecting With My Husband
Your Pregnancy Miracle can give others hope when they are struggling while trying to conceive. I hope my pregnancy miracle and the thousands of others Lisa Olson helped will give you hope.

Our nursery was empty for years, and now we’re re-decorating for our third baby. Our refrigerator is covered with artwork by our four year old son and two year old daughter. The new addition of ultrasound pictures of our third baby is making our family dream complete, and we’re having so much fun choosing both boy and girl names. We’re keeping the gender a surprise until the delivery.

There are so many “best parts of my day”, and I only get to experience these because I bought and read the right book. Reading the right book is so important. Don’t waste your time reading too many of the wrong books, because it is possible to get too discouraged when trying to get pregnant.

I am thankful for my children, and so gracious for having grown closer to my husband than we have been in years. We were so stressed, and now we are so happy and blessed.

We made the impossible possible with the support of Lisa Olson, a friend, coach and personal counselor.

For the right information and how to make your pregnancy miracle come true, make sure and follow the link in the resource box below.

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