Pregnancy Gender Selection – How to Choose the Gender of Your Baby Naturally

Are you and your partner looking for ways to influence pregnancy gender selection?

Unless you have the cash reserves or a really good insurance plan that covers genetic engineering, you will most probably want to settle for more “natural” ways to achieve pregnancy gender selection.

No, we are not talking about using a Chinese calendar, nor are we are not talking about the astrological signs of the Zodiac.

We are talking about learning the ways of pregnancy gender selection that involve 100% natural techniques.

When it comes to 100% natural techniques, there are two basic venues that you and your partner have in your control:

1. When and how to have sex.
2. What to feed your bodies (what to eat).

During a single ejaculation, a man releases millions upon millions of sperm. Theoretically, if the man has a high enough sperm count, he can ejaculate the equivalent of the entire population of the United States of America in one fleeting moment of orgasmic release.

But all it takes is one little sperm cell to create life. So you may be wondering how on earth can you influence pregnancy gender selection and control the gender outcome of your sperm?

The answer lies actually in the question itself: “How can you control which sperm ends up fertilizing the egg”. The answer is that you must learn how to control it.

And in order to learn how to control it, you must understand a couple of simple facts:

1. Male and female sperm have different properties that affect their behavior and their longevity once introduced into the woman’s reproductive system. Once you learn about these different properties and how to influence them, you can influence which ones will succeed to reach the egg and which ones will fail.

2. The woman’s reproductive environment (the vagina, the vaginal secretions released during orgasm, the cervix, the uterus, and the fallopian tubes) can vary in terms of temperature and pH level. The pH level is the measure of how alkaline or how acidic the various tangible surfaces or chemical secretions are. Once you understand how to manage these pH levels and once you understand how a male sperm and how a female sperm each react differently to the various levels, then you can influence which gender sperm cells will survive the journey to the egg and which ones will die out.

The old adage, coined by the infamous scientist, Charles Darwin, sums up pregnancy gender selection succintly:

Only the strongest will survive.

In other words, you need to strengthen the sperm of one gender and weaken the sperm of the other gender.

Okay, now that we understand these simple concepts, it’s important to understand how the timing and the techniques of sexual intercourse can influence the gender outcome of your baby.

Simply put, male sperm need to get to the egg quickly, otherwise they will diet out. That is why they must have as short a distance as possible to travel inside the vagina to get to the egg. That is why you should use sex positions that allow for deep penetration, so that when ejaculation occurs, the sperm lands near the cervical opening.

On the other hand, if you want a baby girl, then you would use shallow thrusting techniques, so that the ejaculated sperm will land near the mouth of the vagina, and thus have a longer distance to travel to reach the egg. It is expected that the male sperm will die off and the female sperm will survive this longer journey.

Sperm can live up to 72 hours inside a woman before dying out.

The foods that you eat can cause the woman’s reproductive tract to become more alkaline or more acidic. Alkaline tracts are more favorable to male sperm while acidic tracts are more favorable to female sperm.

This is the essence of how pregnancy gender selection works.

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