Pregnancy Without Pounds Review – Is There Real Value Here

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Pregnancy Without Pounds” does it provide good value for pregnant moms?

If you are looking for general advice on having a healthy pregnancy, ways to avoid piling on excess pounds, ways to control cravings, ways to avoid stretch marks or alleviate many of the less pleasant side effects of pregnancy then all of this information is included in Michelle Moss’ pregnancy kit.

According to my research Michelle Moss is a leading online expert in pregnancy fitness, she has 15 years experience as a Health and Nutrition Coach, a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition, a Kinesiology Diploma, Psychology Degree and a Personal Training Certificate.

Michelle has created a product based on her own experience of pregnancy and certainly has the qualifications to provide advice to pregnant moms. I can’t guarantee that Michelle has covered every eventuality during pregnancy but the following excerpts from her ebook “Pregnancy Without Pounds” show there is a depth of knowledge and certainly there is good advice too.

Chapter 1 pg 4 “you need to remember that weight gain IS healthy; it means your baby is growing nicely inside”

Chapter 1 focuses on weight gain and answers questions in good detail about topics such as:

* how much?

* how quickly?

* what’s normal based on your own weight prior to being pregnant?

Chapter 2 pg 12 “Fantastic side effects of pregnancy, thicker hair, clearer skin, healthier nails, fuller breasts and that magnetic pregnancy glow”

Chapter 2 talks about the “joys of pregnancy” the good, the bad and the downright ugly so to speak and what to do about them. It is well balanced with the good and the not so good.

Chapter 3 pg 22 “11 GREAT reasons to get up ‘n’ go”

Chapter 3 is all about exercise during pregnancy, in fact 25 pages of solid information.

Chapter 4 pg.47 “I do admit to those occasions when the “junk food” cravings would hit”

Chapter 4 is all about food for pregnant women.

Chapter 5 pg 63 “10 Proven Secrets To Becoming a Pregnant Bombshell”

Chapter 5 is tips on pampering yourself and dealing with some of the more visual side effects of pregnancy.

Chapter 6 page 83 “about a month before my due date I was a NERVOUS wreck”

Chapter 6 discusses the “labor of love”, an understanding of what you will go through.

Pregnancy Without Pounds Assessment

88 pages of information providing a practical and feminine approach to pregnancy.

Michelle provides 4 buying options with different combinations of her 3 ebooks at different price points.

1. The Pregnancy Kit

– Pregnancy Without Pounds ebook

2. The Complete Pregnancy Kit

– Pregnancy Without Pounds ebook

– Core Secrets ebook

3. The Post pregnancy Kit

– Mommy Without Ounds ebook

– Core secrets ebook

4. The Ultimate Pregnancy Kit

– all 3 ebooks

Each of the 4 buying options comes with 3 bonuses and with a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Pregnancy is a vast arena and no one book could ever cover all the questions that pregnant moms may have, so Michelle provides a facility for questions to be answered by email.

In my opinion I would have to say YES, this product does provide good value for pregnant moms.

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