January 24, 2022

Pregnancy Toothache Relief Methods And Natural Sore Gum Treatments

Its not uncommon for women to suffer from toothaches while pregnant, infact women are more susceptible to toothache pain and gum disease during the different stages of the pregnancy. In the past it wasn’t possible for dentists to identify the causes of pregnancy toothaches and treat them effectively due to the pregnancy, however new toothache relief treatments provided by many dentists are now safe for pregnant women.

If you are suffering from a pregnancy toothache you should book an appointment with your dentist to find the source of your toothache pain. Don’t forget to tell them you’re pregnant when you make the appointment and before you see the dentist.

The majority of pregnancy toothaches are caused by sore gums which might be inflamed or infected and are referring the pain to the teeth. The effect of these conditions feels very similar to a toothache and can be extremely painful if left untreated.

Sore, bleeding or infected gums pregnancy toothache relief methods
If you are suffering from sore, bleeding or infected gums these toothache home remedies will help treat your problems and provide relief from toothache pain.

Rinsing the mouth with warm salty water can help remove bacteria from the mouth, gums and teeth. Repeat this regularly to ensure bacteria is kept under control. Also make sure you floss carefully and regularly to ensure no food is stuck between teeth. A soft bristled toothbrush will also help.

Rinsing with a honey, ginger and lemon tea can also provide pregnancy toothache relief. These 3 ingredients are all anti-bacterial and will kill harmful bacteria and restore the gums, teeth and mouth to their normal, healthy state.

As less well known method for treating gum disease and general toothaches is sage tea. Use dried or fresh leaves and make a tea by put steeping leaves in boiling water for a few minutes. Peppermint leaves also provide excellent pain relief and can help with pregnancy toothaches. Use the tea like a a mouth wash and spit out when you’ve finished swilling around your mouth.

There is also a very effective natural toothache relief and sore gums treatment available. It contains 100% natural ingredients and is very effective in providing toothache relief. The product is called the ultimate gum solution. You can find out more about this product by visiting the toothachereliefguide.com website.

Pregnancy toothache due to cavity or hole in tooth
If you think a tooth has a cavity or hole in it a visit to the dentist is required, in the mean time you can get relief from your toothache using toothache home remedies. Use warm salty water to draw the bacteria out of the gums and mouth and then use ice to provide temporary pain relief. Clove oil and peppermint leaves may provide lasting pregnancy toothache relief.

Pregnancy toothache due to blocked sinuses
If like many pregnant women you suffer from blocked sinus, you may find you also get a toothache. To get toothache relief and relief from sinus pain put your face over a bowel of steaming hot water with a towel over your head to stop the steam escaping. This will help draw the blocked fluid from your sinuses.

Please note: this information is intended for information only, consult your healthcare practitioner or dentist before using any of these methods.

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