’s Gift – For All of Us

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The first months of being were exhausting! I was crashing on the couch by 7pm many a night to be honest. With all this extra energy that comes with the territory, you’d have thought I could accomplish anything in a day but instead it made me tired and gave me a lot more responsibility so I had to be conscious of my ’s needs and limitations! I was called ‘the energizer bunny’ among my friends but not anymore- now I needed all the energy for other things…

Previously I’ve always been diligent about practicing self-care, no matter the time of day. But when you’re pregnant it is taken to a whole new level. In the beginning it used to be difficult for my partner to come home and find me doing nothing but lying around on the sofa, or for friends to want to spend my time and not theirs, or for me to let things go and trust that they will get done without me having to do them. However now I have come to enjoy being able to take it easy each day because this opportunity only comes around once in a while!

I now have what so many women yearn for, and it would be only fair that all women have this. I am sharing my experience.

I am in a unique position because people are willing to help me with things when I’m pregnant, simply because I’m expecting. It’s great that I don’t have to burden myself with and things anymore, but it wasn’t always like this. It is hard enough being a career woman before becoming pregnant, especially if there aren’t many women around you to confide in and discuss these kinds of issues.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I could take this class on of everything else I have going on. Now that it’s here, though, I can’t believe I didn’t take it sooner! It is helping me remember times in the past where a need was not met – for example, giving time to others when my personal, financial or emotional needs weren’t getting met – and I feel excited now to be able to change that pattern.

Many of us harbor a child within ourselves and for many of us, we were not always unconditionally loved and supported the way we hope to have been as children.

When we get upset, it is often because there’s something or someone who is, in some way or another, breaching one of our important psychological needs.  It might be easy to place blame on others for doing something “wrong” or not doing something “right,” but this attitude actually makes everyday life increasingly more difficult by allowing us to deny the fact that we ourselves have a responsibility to make things better through specific actions. We all possess the power within ourselves to understand what our own needs are and how put into action ways that can ensure these needs are being met.

Let’s turn our attention back to the Baby Within. I’d love to see all of us-whether we’re pregnant or not-embrace our inner child and our true needs. Let your frustrations be a clue, not a problem to repress or indulge. Have the courage to take care of yourself as if you were nurturing something precious inside of you. As I’ve honored my needs more and more, my partner has adjusted and stepped up to help-often more than I think to ask for! I have an awesome business partner (or team) who’s helped me be more successful as I continue to work on projects I love and let go of the ones I don’t. We’ve hired a great chef, who I’ve invited over regularly to our home so that we can have fun together and nourish ourselves as we help each other make our dreams come true at the same time!

I dream of a happy world in which people are gently guided to doing what they do best so that they can find true contentment, giving the world their full mastery and enjoying life with the ones they love. Nobody suffers alone; we all need support and deserve unconditional love, so sharing our feelings and needs is not only a natural act but also a healthy one.

What are you currently pregnant with (i.e., what is the project you are working on) and where would you like to receive your and support?

Ann O’Brien is a spiritual teacher who has been inspiring people to awaken their own mystical abilities for more than a decade. She offers intuitive readings, healing sessions and education in psychic that make the esoteric concepts of intrinsic spirituality totally graspable, fun and empowering. The creator of this program is also the creator of “Jump Start Your Intuition: Simple Daily Meditation to Increase Wealth, Improve & Give You of Mind”, an e-book giving an easy but powerful step-by-step meditation system.

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