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and childbirth can be devestating moments for women when they are young. Teen is one of the most difficult experiences for a young girl who, during her youth and all her fertility, does not usually have every ingredient she needs on hand to deal with such a drastic change in life as becoming a mother which pushes many limits. It is not easy to live with this shock, especially when you share it only with your partner yourself (the father), wondering what your parents will think. Indeed pregnancy can be really hard but it’s the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman of any age!

After studying of the development for teenage pregnancies, one can easily learn that in the United States (US) during 1991 there were 60 out of 1000 young women who gave birth and in 1998 during that same year, 51 out of 1000 young women gave birth. From this data we quickly see how in this case, the decrease may be due to the effective use of birth control and fewer sexual encounters among teens.

According to the Women’s Channel, teen pregnancy rates remain high. In the United States alone, approximately 1 million teenage girls pregnancy every year.

The risks of having a child out of teen pregnancy can be high. Babies born to teenage mothers are more likely to experience , social and emotional problems. Socioeconomic consequences such as increased chances of giving birth prematurely or dropping out of school early with fewer job opportunities also contribute to the high rates of teen pregnancy.

But there are also more serious issues for teenage mothers during these times than statistics and what the world thinks about them. Their babies, as well as themselves, are at risk from complications such as health problems related to pregnancy or childbirth, mental and physical illness, school failure, and poverty.

It can be difficult for teenage parents to get proper medical for themselves and their children. Teenage parents often suffer from poorer education, which results in them suffering from lesser knowledge about that teenagers need when . Parents also need high levels of emotional support during pregnancy because it’s challenging for them to go from a normal teenage girl to becoming a mother – all too soon!

Pregnancy brings different emotions. Some aren’t ready for , others that the stresses of life and are not for them and many don’t want the extra responsibility. Many teenagers feel alone, lost and depressed so it’s important to talk about your feelings with someone you trust who can advise you how to cope in this situation. Help is available at organisations such as Mind.

Teen pregnancies can be risky to unborn babies. Teen pregnancies are usually underweight, have poor eating habits and often involve drinking, smoking and drug taking. Their mothers during this time are also less likely to seek prenatal care.

It is vital not to let risky sexual extracurrences, such as unprotected intercourse and dangerous positions go unnoticed. By having clear conversations, you can help prevent your children and pupils from . Such pregnancy may be prevented by providing guidance about sexuality, contraception and educational information about possible responsibility of the future pregnancy (ex. money matters, a ’s health).

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