Problems with Bleeding in the Late Stages of Pregnancy

As we know the last stages of pregnancy include the labor that is classified into three different stages. The first stage consists of the onset of the contractions and the dilation of cervix. If the cervix dilates the contractions begin to occur more often and more painful. At the end of this stage the cervix gets to dilate up to 10 centimeters. This last phase of this stage is called transition.

The second stage is also known as the pushing stage. After the total dilation of the cervix this stage begins. It lasts up to 30 minutes and it is not recommended for any women to get to this stage before being totally dilated. The advice is to resist any urge to push until their cervix is fully dilated.

The final stage of the labor begins after the birth of the baby and resumes at delivering the placenta. This does not involve too much time or painful contractions. Usually the first contraction separates the uterus from the placenta.

During these phases a woman might develop unwanted but painful symptoms such as periodic cramps, contractions, backache or small bloodstained discharge.

Many women ask about the causes of bleeding in the last stages of pregnancy. Specialists believe that bleeding is a sign that should not be ignored and the affected women should see a doctor immediately.

One of the most common facts that lead to bleeding in the second half of the pregnancy is the changes in the cervix. Bleeding might also occur right before labor.

Beside these two possibilities bleeding might be the cause of two serious complications. First of these complications might lead to bleeding if the placenta moves from its attachment to the inside of the wall of the womb. Besides bleeding, this complication may lead to other symptoms such as abdominal pains or sore uterus.

The second possible complication that may lead to bleeding in the last period of pregnancy might come from a low placenta that is blocking the opening to the cervix.

In cases when bleeding occurs suddenly the best advice for the women is to lie down for a while and afterwards to get ready for a hospital visit. There the woman will be examined. If the doctors decide this way and if the women’s period of pregnancy is getting to an end an immediate delivery will follow. If the placenta is breaking away the doctor will break the water and induce the labor. If the placenta is blocking the opening to the cervix a Caesarean section delivery is necessary.

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