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Psychologist Laura M. Glynn of Chapman University focused on how “neurodevelopment during has been primarily explored from a maternal perspective”, and she is currently changing that: “It is critical to determine if has effects on fathers, as well.” At the moment, she and her team are seeking more information about how a man’s psyche and psychology change throughout pregnancy.

Being pregnant can really turn our lives upside down. The hormones that put us in a state of pregnancy make our emotions go haywire and even more so, for women with twins! This is the only time in a woman’s life where she experiences such severe hormonal fluctuations. Hormone changes may account for why there is an increase in the number of cravings that women find themselves having throughout their pregnancies. Some of these cravings could lead to food binges and aversion from eating other foods.

Self- Image

Changes in the body during pregnancy can sometimes make a woman feel like she isn’t as attractive to her partner as she once was. In many societies, pregnant women are seen as unfit for work and potentially troublesome, even if they’re feeling great!

In the same way that pregnant women might be treated differently than others by their colleagues, a new product might also be considered somewhat of an oddity before it is available to the public. Before launch, it’s important that developers keep in touch with stakeholders on so everyone has time to work out any potential bugs and ensure quality control throughout the development process.

Thanks to the hormones, you will feel a lot of mixed emotions. The changes during pregnancy make all women feel emotionally fragile and even a bit confused. Even in the healthiest of pregnancies, the pregnant body can still experience some extreme mood swings because of its changing biology.

Feelings about Your Partner

As a couple you’re going to have many challenges during your pregnancy. Your body is going to be changing and there will be changes in your relationship as well. You’re going to want to be close with each other but also need time to adjust to the new changes that are coming up! Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on your relationship because you now have a causing even more in your lives!

Special Anxieties

It’s my baby too – at least that’s what a lot of people think in the beginning. When you’re pregnant, a lot of your visitors ask for updates frequently and expect you to be neat and tidy even if something goes wrong. Once the situation gets over, life returns to normal but little do they know that it isn’t as easy as everyone seems to think. When you are expecting a baby, chances are someone in or friend circle would like an update. If something goes wrong then they have no problem stepping in with helping hand. So you’ll have many visitors who poke their nose into your personal affairs which won’t seem awkward initially but it makes things more complicated when problems get bigger.

Dreams of a pregnancy during your sleep hours might be scary and may sometimes intensify anxieties you feel yourself. During this time, your body is preparing itself to increase hormone levels that will pave the way for the birth of a child; because cramps and discomforts become common around this time of development, you may find yourself having miserable dreams where you experience loss, or dropping your baby or even receiving news that an unborn child or has not survived.

Dreams are a good way to relieve stress. Many pregnant women have dreams about the of their unborn , and this is a good thing. It’s healthy for mothers to worry a bit about their children.

There are concerns about as well. People worry about the way they act, and worrying about not being able to bear life’s other pains is normal too.

What to Do about These Psychological Changes

-Believe in yourself and your image.

-Try to be positive.

-Involve your-self in some pleasurable aspect of preparing for the baby’s arrival.

-Talk to your partner. Be generous towards your partner.

-Encourage yourself to take a general interest in looking good, eating healthy and keeping fit.

-You can also go for pregnancy support counseling.

-Discuss your issues with a psychologist, friend, colleague, partner and other .

During the prenatal phase of development, there are definitive findings indicating correlations between life inside the uterus and outside. Specifically with how much stress a pregnant woman may face can ultimately affect her baby’s cognitive development.

There is a new scientific discovery that does not give the mother all of the credit when it comes to influencing her baby’s development as some believe. It’s actually possible for a baby to also influence its mother even before it has entered the world. Scientists have proven that fetuses respond to their mothers’ emotions and they react to them while they are still developing in the womb.

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