Pupp Rash Do You Have This Itchy Pregnancy Rash

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Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy, also known as pupp rash, occurs for some women during pregnancy. Usually it is during the last trimester of pregnancy, but some women will get it earlier. Fortunately, on the whole, it will resolve at the time of the birth of the child. Nonetheless, it can be quite itchy and uncomfortable similar to eczema or hives. It can be red marks, welts, or pimple-like eruptions and may start around the stretch mark areas.

There are different theories about why pupp rashes develop and some say it’s hormonal. In fact, they say that women who are pregnant with a boy have a higher chance of pupps than if pregnant with a girl. It is good to see your doctor just to confirm the diagnosis and also to see if he recommends that you take an antihistamine or special anti-itch cream for treatment. Most women ride it out using a a variety of traditional or non-traditional methods. Some will use over the counter anti-itch lotions and take oatmeal baths in cool water. Others find relief with herbs such as dandelion root. Pine tar soaps have been reported to offer relief for pupps sufferers. One women on a forum stated that taking claritin and pepcid ac made things tolerable for her till the delivery. Flax seed oil can be helpful and be sure to take your pre-natal vitamin to keep up your health and immune system.

It sounds funny but some women say that using the inside of a banana peel was great for stopping the itch. This may make sense as there are minerals like potassium in bananas. Mixing baking soda and water can also be a temporary solution to the pupps problem.

Some doctors approve using a cortisone cream for rash relief and others may not, so run this by your own physician so he can analyze your whole medical profile. One reason why it’s important to check with your doctor is also to rule out whether it may be a different pregnancy rash such as ICP. Rashes can look very similar and the treatment will be different for each.

It can be quite a challenge to sleep with an itchy pupps rash on top of the hormonal changes as well as a larger belly. Use some humor in each day and keep your perspective that this is time-limited and the itching will end.
Try to use relaxation techniques to reduce itching and inflammation. Visualize the life you’ll have with your baby and the days you’ll have at the park, zoo and with family.

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