Ridiculous Myths About (Part 1)

is an exciting time but there are lots of surrounding it. You hear the oddest stories and warnings. It’s all cultural, at least we hope you will have a laugh when you read this.


Its forbidden for a pregnant to go out at night and in the afternoon especially when the sun is bright and hot without attaching a safety pin to her clothing or else her will be taken by evil spirits.
you are not allowed to eat snails(escargot),this makes the child drool a lot and spit a lot after he’s born.
its forbidden for a pregnant woman to see a cripple.
you must not allow anyone to across your legs this causes the child to look like the person that jumped or stepped over your feet.
Do not on your back, this damages the babies eyes.
if a pregnant woman takes a photo she will die.
if you beat a pregnant woman the same scars on her will appear on the baby after birth.
Do not eat plantain or oranges as this causes difficulties during childbirth.
a pregnant woman must not eat straight from the pot (skillet)or else the baby will have dark buttocks.
Do not drink straight from a bottle or else your baby will be a drunk.


if a pregnant woman experiences and throws up a lot her teeth will fall out later on in life.
if a pregnant woman wears clothing that expose her belly, its an invitation to evil spirits who will ensure that the baby never gains .
eating cassava will make the babies complexion very light.
eating a lot of overly ripe plantain whilst pregnant causes asthma in the baby
if a pregnant woman eats a lot of palm nut soup she will be too lazy to push during she may even fall asleep.
You should not look at ugly animals or else your baby will be ugly.


many believe that the of the baby bump indicates the gender of the baby. if the bump is high its a girl, low its a boy.
when you conceive you must keep it a secret for a few months to avoid the evil eye discovering the existence of the baby.
You should not place your hands on your head, this strangles the baby.
Do not eat eggs, papayas and pineapples, they cause abortion.
if you experience heartburn then your baby will have lots of hair.
if you crave salty , then its a boy, but if you crave sweets then its a girl.
if your nose swells then its a girl.

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