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Posted by on Aug 2, 2019 in Pregnancy, Health | 0 comments

Stress During Pregnancy Get The Real Truth

Stress During Pregnancy Get The Real Truth

Stress During Pregnancy. You may feel like it is totally impossible to act like you can keep totally happy during your pregnancy. While you are pregnant you will go through many different emotions. You may be sad, happy, scared and maybe even stressed. But, just how does stress affect your child?

Science has proved that acting like a stressed out person can possibly have long term affects on a baby. It is really important to do your best to keep your stress during pregnancy as low as possible. It is normal to be bummed out once in a while, but constantly thinking about negative thoughts like money and relationship problems can have lasting effects on your baby.

Researchers have proved that stress during pregnancy will make more problems for your baby later in life. Stress during pregnancy has been linked to changing your childs behavioral development and lower the birth weight. Ad those problems onto the affects that stress during pregnancy has on your childs immune system and that is reason enough to try your hardest to keep away the stress out of your life.

Now that you know that your child has lots to lose or gain from what thoughts and emotions you let into your mind, you need to learn how to keep the stress out of your life. Well, if youre at all like I was during my pregnancy, you could have a hard time trying to trick your body into being stress free. The secret to success is to find activities that make you really happy and keep repeating them. Let me show you my 2 favorite activities that kept away my stress during pregnancy.

1. Exercise. I know that most of you probably think that I am nuts for saying this, but trust me when I say that exercise is the best form of stress reliever. I know from experience that when you are stressed out and mopy, the last thing you would think about is exercise, but it works. Exercise can help bring out the endorphins that you need to give you lots more energy and kick away the stress.

2. The second is Meditation. This is a really powerful form of stress relief. The right kind of meditation can put your mind and soul at ease and let you enjoy the quiet times of pregnancy. The best thing you can do is to go online or your favorite bookstore and search for meditation CDs and make sure you read the reviews and buy the 1 that interest you.

Well, I hope this will help you to keep the stress during pregnancy out of yours and your babys life. Good luck and enjoy your pregnant moments.

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