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We are living in a today where innovation and liberty reign supreme. It is a fact that the new generation is always on the stage of discovery. They tend to try different things, especially when it comes to ; we must admit that are curious about it. Statistics say that the rate of birth in teenagers has risen to 200 percent since the 60s, and one out of four women gets pregnant at the age of 18 and half of it will be pregnant by the age of 21. If this is the case, parents must be cautious when talking to their about sex and its implications.

Reasons for :

Many experts say that there are several reasons for teen pregnancy. Teens think having a baby will make their lives better by making new friends and strengthening relationships with family and their boyfriends. However, what they don’t realize is that having a baby also adds a lot more responsibility to their lives. Pregnancy is a life-changing , and parents must make sure their children understand that it’s not simply a game of playhouse. They must instill in their kids that pregnancy is a serious matter with serious consequences.

Effects on a country:

Many countries have been promoting contraceptives and safe sex for teens, largely because of the astounding inflation in population rate these past decades.

One example of this is the Red China. The two-child policy was implemented due to the issue of overpopulation.  If a citizen is expecting a third child, the mother is obliged to abort the baby, or they will be executed for violating the law.

That is why authorities in China are usually one of the top-rated users of pregnancy tests like the Elisa. However, this does not mean that China has the lowest rate. In fact, their teenage pregnancy rate is fairly high.

China’s population has more than doubled in the past 30 years, to over 1.3 billion people. By 2050, the country is projected to have almost 1.5 billion citizens. The sheer of China’s population puts enormous strain on the country’s resources, which are already stretched thin. If all of China’s citizens were to jump at the same time, it would cause a devastating earthquake in the Pacific. This would have catastrophic consequences for China’s neighbors, many of which are still recovering from the devastating effects of the 2011 tsunami.


It is crucial that parents educate their children on the responsibilities and consequences of pre-marital sex before innocent flirting and youthful adventures lead to pregnancy. This way, teenagers will be equipped with the knowledge of how to properly take care of themselves and their sexual . Additionally, if parents provide guidance and support, teenagers are more likely to make responsible decisions regarding sex.

When it comes to sex education, many Christians are against it. They argue that it’s immoral to young children about sex, as it will rob them of their innocence. In my opinion, sex education is crucial and should be taught in both homes and schools. It’s the best place for teenagers to learn about the cost and benefits of sex.

is not a solution to teen pregnancy. It can have serious side effects, including poisoning the mother if some parts of the child are left behind in her womb. Think twice before having an abortion.

I would take the big NO to abortion because it is unethical and against morality. While I do think a woman has a right to choose what to do with her body, I do not think abortion is the right choice. It is taking a life, and I think that is wrong.

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