The First Trimester Of Pregnancy – A Crucial Time

The first trimester of pregnancy begins with the onset of pregnancy. Even before you realize it, you start feeling the subtle changes associated with it. As you probably know, the entire period of pregnancy is divided into three time periods or pregnancy trimesters each. The first trimester of pregnancy is the period where you are most vulnerable.

First Stage of Pregnancy and Its Symptoms

You normally don’t have a clue until you miss your first period. But even then the symptom can be totally missed if you are prone to have irregular periods. Then you either rush to your doctor or confirm the pregnancy yourself with the help of home pregnancy kits. You are elated and nervous now that the first stage of pregnancy is confirmed. However, the joys don’t last long. You start developing nausea, cravings for strange foods and a general feeling of unease as you coast through your first trimester of pregnancy. At the same time, you may have terrible mood swings.

Progress of Pregnancy

As you enter the first stage of your pregnancy trimester, you will undergo an upheaval of your emotions as well as physical discomfort. Your abdomen starts distending in order to make room for your growing baby and you may experience fullness of the breasts and acute nausea. You may be totally off your food or suddenly develop a ravenous appetite. It will always help if you can make time to read up on the different stages of pregnancy development.

Dangers and Precautions During Pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most delicate of all the baby stages during pregnancy. It’s not enough to be happy, you must be equally cautious of the risks involved. Some expectant mothers may feel an acute heartburn, problems of constipation, indigestion and excessive vomiting. Of course, you may feel lethargic throughout your pregnancy and experience cramps in your lower limbs. You must not miss out on any of your appointments with your doctor. You may also bleed a little, although it is a rarity. However, remember your doctor is your best friend throughout the pregnancy trimesters. Eat healthy foods during pregnancy; don’t stuff yourself with food so that you feel bloated up. Eat several smaller healthy meals. Avoid spicy food, oils and rest adequately. Avoid physically taxing work but don’t just lie in the bed! Walking as well as light exercise is highly recommended. It is best to avoid cigarettes and drugs during this time. After all, you want a healthy baby, not a zombie.

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