Things to Do During Sex to Help Enhance – Tips on Becoming Pregnant

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There are some things you can do during sex to  your chances of getting pregnant. To avoid missing the moment,” it is advised to have sex right before ovulation rather than after. A  must be kept to keep track of your schedule, so you can determine when you’ll be ovulating. If keeping records is a hassle, you can also purchase an ovulation predictor kit.

In addition to timing your sexual act, there are other you can do while having sex to with . It is only advisable to have sexual activity three times per week while you wait for ovulation. Your first sexual encounter of the week should take place three days before ovulation. Have sex with him again, preferably the day before ovulation, as the third is just a window to better cover your bases.

It’s time to identify the sex positions that support pregnancy now that we’re finished with that. Missionary is advised by many experts.

To give the sperm gravitational pull, you can also place a  under your hip. Since the sperm is kept from spilling out of the vagina, a ’s style is also advantageous. To enable fertilization, it is crucial that the semen enters the cervix. When the hip is positioned too high, the semen settles in the vaginal fornix behind the cervix.

After your partner has ejaculated, remain on your back for about 30  if you performed a missionary or knee-chest position for dogs. By doing this, you’ll give the sperm plenty of time to enter your cervix. No standing, is not a  idea. It’s also not a good idea to sit. When your partner is about to arrive, avoid the  on  as well. The other positions that put you vertically should also be.

Making sure you orgasm is the last thing you should do during sex to improve pregnancy. Your uterus contracts when it reaches the big O,” allowing the sperm to be drawn into the reproductive tract.

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