Things to Do During Sex to Help Enhance Pregnancy – Tips on Becoming Pregnant

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To improve your chances of getting pregnant, there are certain things to do during sex to help enhance pregnancy. It is advisable to have sex right before ovulation rather than after so as not to miss ‘the moment’. In order for you to know when you’ll be ovulating, a calendar must be kept to monitor your schedule. You can also buy an ovulation predictor kit if you think keeping records is a bother.

Aside from timing your sexual act, there are also other things to do during sex to help enhance pregnancy. It is only prudent to have sex three times a week when expecting your ovulation. The first sex for the week should be three days before your ovulation. Next, rape him again, preferably the day before ovulation, and the third is just a window to cover your bases better.

Now that we’re done with that, it’s time to name the sex positions that favor pregnancy. Missionary is recommended by many experts. You can also add a pillow under your hip to provide gravitational push for the sperm. Doggy style is also beneficial, since the sperm is prevented from spilling out of the vagina. It is important that the semen is given entry to the cervix to enable fertilization. Position the hip too high then the semen is deposited at the back of the cervix in the fornix of the vagina.

After ejaculation of your partner, stay on your back if you did a missionary or knee-chest position if you did a doggy, and stay that way for about half an hour. This way, you’ll be giving the sperm an ample amount of time to travel into the cervix. Standing position is a no-no. Sitting position is also not good. Woman on top should also be avoided when your partner is about to come. And so should be the other positions that put you in a vertical position.

The last among the things to do during sex to help enhance pregnancy is to make sure you orgasm. Reaching the big “O” makes your uterus contract enabling the sperm to be drawn up into the reproductive tract.

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