Tips to Get Flat Tummy in Post Pregnancy Phase

Now that a beautiful baby is born after those momentous nine months of your life, looking at the jelly belly popping out can be a horror. Becoming a new mother can be challenging, but even more challenging would be to get your flat belly back. Caring for your baby and exercising to get a flat tummy at the same time can be quite hectic. However, if you have decided to go for this option, then don’t hesitate; simply refer to this article and start following the tips given here. >

You must be wondering how to get a flat stomach in post pregnancy stage? The answer entirely depends on how regularly you perform the exercises advised to you. One of the side effects that you may face after pregnancy is the weakening of the muscles that can ruin your figure. For this, it is important to plan up a healthy diet along with regular exercises with some strength training workout that can tone up your muscles to lose the baby weight and get a flat belly. However, for some women, starting the workout soon after the pregnancy can be quite risky. Hence, in your case, it is better to talk to your doctor and whether you can start with the exercise regimen or not.

Focus on Strengthening the Abdominal Muscles

Getting a flat tummy is not so easy. Though diet pills and other quick supplements can get you results in less time, ensure that you add strength training exercises that can make your muscles stronger. For this, you need to get the clearance from your doctor, as to whether you are fit to do it or not. If you had a c-section, then starting with such exercise can be risky. The exercise is quite simple. It focuses on strengthening the muscles. You have to lie down on your back with the feet on the floor and fingers behind your head. You have to then lift up your head and should bladed on and off the floor. For better results, performing it for 20 times is advised.

Cardiovascular Workout

Cardio workout, whether it is high intensity ot low intensity, is considered as the best way to lose fat from your belly area. Swimming, walking, jumping, jogging, etc., are some of the popular cardio that are advised for you. These exercises increase the heart rate due to which your body utilizes more stored fat by converting it into necessary energy.

Exercise – Whether Little or More?
Before you decide to get back on your exercise regimen, ensure that get a complete body check up done. You can have a word with your doctor during post-natal check up to ask him/her for effective postpartum exercise program. There are certain type of exercise from which you are strictly prohibited that includes stomach crunches or taking heavy weights. Besides, yoga and medication can also be the best way to get a flat tummy.

No matter which exercise you perform, don’t neglect your child’s health. Stay fit and healthy and take care of your baby.

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