Tracking the 8th and 9th Week of Pregnancy

The eighth and the ninth week of pregnancy is the beginning of obvious transformations in your body and on the baby’s development. Your body may not grow vividly larger but you can start experiencing a lot of pregnancy symptoms which make your situation recognizable by people around you. You are surely 8 weeks pregnant if you are constantly complaining about nausea and you abdomen begin to sore.

Usually most would-be mothers wait until the eighth week before breaking the news of being pregnant. This is especially so when the mother needs to focus on the effects of the symptoms and adapt to the changes of her body. It is not bad to expect but the first trimester is known to be a season of miscarriages that getting over the first twelve weeks indicate that pregnancy is already certain and that the mother could announce to other people that she is pregnant.

Your baby during pregnancy week 9 is already undergoing rapid weight gain. During this time, the embryonic tail disappears and your baby’s human form is more evident. Regarding your baby’s eyes, the eyelids are fully formed, continue to be shut and will open again till the 28th week. Within the amniotic sac, the baby begins to move more frequently as allowed by the working of the joints such as the knees, the elbows, the wrists and the ankles. The heart may have started beating on day twenty four but this time the heart starts too get divided into four chambers together with the development of the valves. Because of the movement initiated by the joints, your baby can now make a fist or even move his thumb for sucking.

Whether you are 8 weeks pregnant or more, it does not matter. The fact is there is still a need to work for the health and safety of your child inside you. Getting pregnant means feeling more fatigued and stressed. This may be the result of not being able to sleep at night or hormonal changes or even your fight with morning sickness. To be able to battle sleeplessness, you may want to change sleeping positions to prevent restlessness when in bed. Moreover, heartburn is the most common complaint of pregnant mothers especially on the ninth week. Since pregnant women are not allowed to take in medicines without doctor’s prescription, heartburn can be dealt with easily by just eating smaller amount of food. In addition, heartburns can be prevented by avoiding greasy foods and laying every after meal.

There is also a must to undergo prenatal tests such as chorionic villus sampling (CVS) during pregnancy week 9 to detect chromosomal abnormalities and many genetic disorders. This test is advisable to women who are over 35 years old, have family history of genetic illness. Although the accuracy is into 99% it cannot, however, detect the severity of the illness.

The 8th and 9th week of pregnancy is already creating a haven for the grape-sized baby in the womb. A life is thriving inside that you, as the mother, should take all necessary care to guarantee a healthy growing baby. Knowing what happens during the 8th and 9th week of pregnancy will help you understand major body transformations entailed with it. Getting through these crucial weeks means that you can start to shout to the whole world that you are “really” pregnant.

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