Weeks Pregnancy Information That Many Don’t Know

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At 27 weeks pregnant, which is the start of the third trimester, the baby in the womb resembles how they would look when finally born. The only difference is that at this time they are much smaller and thinner in terms of size stature and height. The baby’s lungs and liver have not matured yet, thus they are a bit delicate. Development in the other organs is also continuing. The immune system is also still not fully mature, although were one to give birth at this time, the baby would still have a great chance of survival.

The development of the baby’s hearing continues, and he/she begins to recognize the mother’s voice, as well as the father’s. The sounds will however be muffled, as the little baby’s ears are still covered with vernix, a waxy coating that is thick and provides the baby’s skin with protection from any chapping that might be caused by the amniotic fluid.

Even so, through instinct, the body of the mother will nourish and protect the baby during pregnancy, which means that she should start learning how to care for the baby when the time finally comes. Learning the skills for caring for newborns can be obtained by the mother making an effort to sign up for childbirth classes at her hospital or better yet, the local community center near her. There she can be given lessons on labor, pain relief options, the common problems associated with newborns, breast feeding and formula feeding, baby proofing, infant CPR, and also after delivery, what next? It is important for a 27 weeks pregnant mother to learn as much as they can, about child birth and the baby in general, so as to arm themselves with not only the skills, but also the confidence required for when the baby comes, especially so, if they are first time parents. This is the time that most mothers start to nest. The nesting instinct varies from one mother to another, as it might be mild in some, while in others very strong. Some mothers tend to have an obsession to clean and make the necessary tidying up of the whole house, others go as far as organizing and sprucing up the nursery in preparation of the baby.

The 27 weeks pregnant mother should also be prepared to make regular visits to the doctor, as this is the time that mother and child need as much monitoring as they can possibly get. This is also the time when out of nowhere, one is hit by the realization that they are soon going to be mothers, that the end of the waiting is almost in sight, and sooner than they thought, they would be holding their baby in their arms. This is the time they start to pick out baby names seriously, and decorate the nursery. It is also around this time that a mother should note that being the final days, coupled with nesting can signify that labor and delivery can happen any time now.

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