Weeks Information That Many Don’t Know

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At 27 weeks , the baby begins to resemble how they will look at birth. The only difference is that at this , they are much smaller and thinner. The baby’s lungs and have not matured yet, thus they are a bit delicate. Development in other organs is also continuing. The immune system is also still not fully mature, although if one were to give birth at this time, the baby would still have a chance at survival.

The development of the baby’s hearing is an ongoing process that starts in the womb. By the time he or she is born, the baby will be able to recognize the sound of his or her ’ voices. However, the sounds will be muffled due to the presence of vernix, a waxy coating that protects the baby’s from chapping caused by amniotic fluid.

Giving birth is a very instinctual process for a and her body will know what to do to protect and nourish the baby. However, it is still a idea for the mother to learn about caring for a before the baby is born. This way she can be prepared for any problems that might arise. The place to learn these skills is in a childbirth class at the hospital or community center.

As a 27 weeks pregnant mother, you should also be prepared to make regular visits to the doctor. This is the time when mother and child need as much monitoring as they can possibly get. It’s also the time when, out of nowhere, you may be hit by the realization that you’re going to be a mother soon. The end of the waiting is almost in sight, and sooner than you thought, you would be holding your baby in your arms. This is the time you start to pick out baby names seriously, and decorate the .

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