What Happens During The 10th And 11th Week Of

The final two weeks of the first are an important for development and change. Many interesting transformations occur during these weeks that new mothers find amazing and exciting. The tight connection between and is established during these final weeks, and love is the jump start to this beautiful .

Your baby is growing rapidly and by week 10, several significant have happened to the baby’s physical structure. Toes have formed, and the have opened for a moment. The baby is now big enough to be weighed. like a lime, your baby now measures more than an inch and a half. This week 10 is much more remarkable as you get to know that baby starts to transform from being an embryo to becoming a fetus.

Pregnancy week 11 is marked by the development of your baby’s breathing patterns. These patterns help to regulate the growth of your baby’s chest muscles and the volume of lung fluid. With muscular development comes the movement of your baby’s arms and legs, following the position of the uterus. However, these movements may not be distinct from the butterfly movements that mothers sometimes mistake for gas problems.

These latter weeks of the first trimester are when you really start to notice your sense of taste and smell changing. This means that, whether you’re 10 weeks pregnant or more, you should already be taking precautions against things that could affect your respiratory system. Whatever you breathe in is taken directly to the baby, so mothers should make an effort to their consumption of Vitamin-rich . There is no standard list of recommended diets for pregnant mothers; just remember that anything good for you is good for the baby.

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