Why Consider Breast Implants After Pregnancy

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There are many times in a woman’s life that the use of breast implants makes sense. If you are young and hate that your breast never got to be as large as your friends, this could be a good time to make the switch. If, like many, you are one of the many women who find themselves struggling to keep your bra from falling down after you’ve had children, on the other hand, it may be time to consider going the implant route. Your body is changing again but that does not mean you don’t have the opportunity to control what is happening to it.

Why Pregnancy Matters

When you get pregnant, your body changes in many ways. One of those ways is in enlarging the breasts. This happens, of course, to ensure there is enough ability to produce milk for the baby. Yet, what happens when you don’t nurse or you no longer do so? Eventually, this causes your breasts to drop. They no longer are as large as they were during your pregnancy and afterward while producing breast milk. If you liked the way they looked then and do not like what is happening now, the breast implants may be the route to take.

Sagging Is Common

To make matters even worse, after you have had a child and your breasts lose their required larger size, things begin to shrink. That does not stop them from sagging though. Even if they remain larger than what they were prior to the actual pregnancy, they are likely to sag lower than they used to simply because they are heavier now than they were prior to it. This is another reason to consider an implant. The implant will fill that void and raise them higher. You can also combine it with a lift to get rid of any extra skin that is present.

Why Now?

Why not now is really the question. If you want to improve the way your body looks, you can do so. After you have had children, you may want to reclaim your body for your own again. You can get pregnant after this surgery and you can breastfeed again in many cases. The key is to do this now for you, though.

If you have thought about what you would look like if you were able to have the breasts you used to have, schedule a consultation with your doctor. Discuss your situation and your needs. Find out how breast implants would work for your needs. You may be surprised by how much they can change the way you look and the way you feel about yourself even after having children.

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