Do’s and Don’ts in Pregnancy For Future Dads

Having a baby is probably the greatest gift a couple can receive. When a future mom sees that double line in a home pregnancy test, and when it is finally confirmed by her doctor, she should definitely shout for joy with all of her heart.

Being pregnant is not that easy. There are many worries and discomforts, great and small. Thus, it is just proper that wives get much more attention from their husbands. This way, the husband can guide and protect their baby, and make sure that the mother stays in a good condition. Here are a list of “dos and don’ts” for future daddies.


1. Make her smile everyday. Remember that she is carrying a baby in her womb, and that requires a lot of effort. She feels a lot of physical inconveniences and discomforts, so it is your duty to remind her of the reasons to smile.
2. Serve her. It is a bad idea to do strenuous work beyond simple household chores, thus, it is best if you do things for her. It will not only make her feel more stress-free, but she will surely be happy upon seeing your efforts.
3. Do not forget to compliment her. Women are very conscious about their looks. When her tummy starts to swell, she will especially start to be insecure about her appearance. When this happens, she will surely feel down and blue. Never forget to remind her once in while that she is more beautiful than ever.
4. Provide for her needs. This may not be the best time to launch a new business or take on a risky new job, or to start traveling for business regularly. Pregnancy is a very emotionally needy time and it helps if the husband understands this.
5. Talk about the baby. Most dads find it odd to talk about the color of his baby’s room, the name, and the toys that they should buy. But while your wife is still on the process of pregnancy, it is best to be the first one to open up about it. Through doing it, she will feel that you are as excited as she is.


1. Never tell her that she is fat. Pregnant women know excruciatingly that they look fat with their swelling baby. Telling her so will only make her sad feelings worse. Encourage her to go on walks with you because it is a safe form of exercise… not because she has to trim down… but because that is what is best for her.
2. Do not make her do stressful activities. Even if she thinks cooking is a simple and easy task, try to persuade her to just sit down and let you do the cooking. You do not want to have her stressed, right?
3. Never leave her alone. Some absences are undeniably unavoidable. Especially in late pregnancy, it is best if you are at her side all the time or as close as you can be while still going to work. In case something happens, you can be there quick or immediately call for help.
4. Do not fight with her. She may be wrong with some of her decisions, and she may have mood swings, but it is best to just keep your mouth shut and let her win this time. It is bad for her and for your baby to be stressed due to some petty fight.

Having an angel baby is one of the most unforgettable of days for women. But at the same time, it is also some of the hardest months in her life. Make sure you help her get through it. Happy pregnancy!

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