Advantages Of A Full Term Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing for every woman. It is basically the happiest moment for most women because they feel so blessed to receive the greatest gift from God. Well, for most people, pregnancy period is also very long and hard to get through. In the process, women will have so suffer different consequences and that is why mothers are so great to us! Generally, a full term pregnancy takes between 38 to 40 weeks. Most mothers are really concerned about this matter because they are worried that their babies are not mature enough to be born. What are the advantages of having a full term pregnancy?

First and foremost, it reduces the risk of getting cancer. It is widely known that the chances of women getting breast cancer are relatively high. It is believed that women who had full term pregnancy have a lesser chance of getting breast cancer. Why is this so? This is because full term pregnancy maintains static biological changes in womens breasts; thus, it reduces the risks of getting breast cancer. This proves that full term pregnancy does bring benefits!

Besides, it makes the next child easier for women. Having full term pregnancy improves the process of giving birth for the coming baby because women with more children will go through less pain during deliveries. They also have lesser risks of getting retained placenta and this will make the next delivery much easier! Therefore, if you want more babies in the future, having a full term pregnancy is a good thing for you.

Full term pregnancy also affects the baby in a good way. The baby will get enough nutrients from the mother before being delivered if the mother goes through a full term pregnancy. A premature baby may not be able to grow healthily because he or she is not well developed yet before being delivered. This will cause health problems or even other distortion. For instance, malnutrition or inactivity may occur. If a baby goes through full term pregnancy, he or she is going through the normal process of pregnancy and gets all the nutrients that he or she should get. This helps in growth and improves his or her health in the process of growing up. You want a healthy baby, dont you?

In addition, it also helps improving your babys learning process during the process of growth. Well, it is believed that a baby that has gone through full term pregnancy can learn faster than premature babies. Their learning of speech and movement is relatively faster and easier compared to premature babies because the baby has gained enough nutrients and is well developed when he or she is still inside the mothers womb. Therefore, they can improve faster and it is not something extraordinary.

In a nutshell, having a full term pregnancy is very important because it does not only bring benefits to the mother herself, but also to the baby. Bear in mind that a few weeks difference in the delivery date will cause a big difference in your babys future!


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