Breasts During Pregnancy – Adapting to How Your Body Changes

One of the earliest and must amazing changes in your body during pregnancy happens to your breasts. Even during the first month of pregnancy, you may notice that your breasts grow considerably larger and feel very tender.

This discomfort is similar, but usually a bit more intense to the way your breasts might feel just before you get your period. Your breasts during pregnancy will continue growing gradually, but usually the greatest rate of breast grow occurs during the first 5 months of pregnancy.

The nipples and the areola also grow bigger and may begin to darken. You may begin to notice fluid leaking from your nipples by the 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. Do not worry if this happens, there is no need for alarm. This fluid is called colostrum, which is a thick yellow fluid that is the earliest form of milk. This happens normally to all pregnant women but is more common in women who have already delivered a baby.

During pregnancy, especially in the last trimester, you have to continuously look at your nipples to identify some changes, for example:
If they become erect in cool air or when you feel sexually aroused, then you are ready for breastfeeding.

If they are flat or actually dimpled inward even when squeezed or stimulated, then you have to speak with your doctor or midwife to learn how to prepare your nipples for nursing.There are simple things that you can do that will enable your baby to latch onto your nipples with greater ease, but these should be done before the birth for an optimal transition to breastfeeding your baby. Flat and inverted nipples need not prevent you from nursing your baby.

Breast changes are caused by the large amount of estrogen and progesterone your body produces during pregnancy. These hormones cause the glands inside your breasts to grow and branch out, they are preparing for milk production and breastfeeding after your baby is born. Blood supply to the breasts also increases markedly. You may notice large, bluish blood vessels coursing your breasts. Although your breasts grow very large during pregnancy, they do not gain a single ounce of fat!

You have to plan to go through at least two bra sizes while you are pregnant. You have to be prepared to buy new bras. Do not hesitate to buy which ever you like, and most important, you have to feel comfortable. Remember that good support helps reduce stretching and sagging later on. Some women even wear their bras 24 hours a day during their pregnancy.

Some women like the way they look with larger breasts, and others may feel more self-conscious. Whichever way you feel, all pregnant women feel the same way, so do not feel embarrassed about it. Surely your partner will like your new look.

Last but not least, you have to keep in mind that all changes that you will be feeling in your breasts have a lovely objective, breastfeeding your baby. Breast milk is the most complete food that your baby may have.

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