Early Signs Of Pregnancy For You To Check

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You have waited and waited, and then the pregnancy test reveals a positive result! Yes, you might be very excited right now but anxious at the same time because it is a challenging, life-changing experience. Your body is also nourishing and carrying a whole other person so stay healthy to ensure the success of your pregnancy. Pregnancy gives you the opportunity to experience the early signs of pregnancy which gives spice to the whole pregnancy process.

Pregnancy begins after conception and you will notice some early pregnancy symptoms. However, these symptoms may be caused by other conditions. So you perform a pregnancy test to support your doubts and if positive, make an appointment to your health care provider to for confirmation. The action of a pregnancy test is to identify the presence of the hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin, a hormone released by the placenta once it is developed in the uterus. If this hormone is detected, it may be a sign that you are really pregnant.

In pregnancy, the biggest challenge for you is to deal with the pregnancy symptoms. These may include any of the pregnancy symptoms listed below.

A missed period. This symptom will make you feel that you have to know more about other pregnancy symptoms to support your doubts. However, this can also be due to other health problems. This symptom is reliable if you have a regular period. Also, you might experience light spotting. This is due to the fertilised egg that implants itself on your uterine lining. This can happen around 3 to 12 days after ovulation.

Exhaustion or tiredness is also a supporting pregnancy symptom. However, this can also be due to lack of sleep, busy schedule and hormonal imbalance. During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone is increasing which also causes the feeling of exhaustion. This sign can be experienced as early as the first week after conception.

Mood swings. This symptom will make you feel like crying for no reason, it’s normal. Mood swings are common in early pregnancy. The cause of this symptom is unknown but it is sometimes it is associated with fatigue and surging hormones. Mood swings will make you feel that something is not quite right or you may feel very happy or sad in an instant. The one who is greatly affected with this pregnancy sign is your partner. If you want to cry, go ahead.

As your pregnancy progresses, some symptoms also develops. The growing size of your uterus causes heartburn, constipation and frequent urination. It is because of the pressure exerted to some of the body parts. For some women, frequent urination is experienced not only because of the growing size of the uterus but due to some unknown changes taking place inside a woman’s body. It can be felt as early as two weeks after conception.

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