Fibroids And Pregnancy

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Fibroids and pregnancy bring to mind several questions and concerns. Two of which immediately come to mind are whether a woman with fibroids can get pregnant, or whether it is safe for her to be in that condition. Yes, a healthy pregnancy is possible if there are fibroids present, but assistance is necessary. The information presented here contains advice geared towards helping you experience a healthy birth, despite uterine fibroid tumors.

Fibroid causes uterine spasms and prevents from pregnancy. If it is near the uterine wall it stops implanting, if near the fallopian tube it stops the fertilized eggs from reaching the uterus or the sperm to inflow the tube.

Many pharmaceutical treatments for fibroids cause a hormone imbalance which can prevent women from conceiving. Women with fibroids who are trying to conceive should consider seeking alternative treatments to pharmaceuticals because of these listed fertility issues.

Surgical procedures run the risk of harming the uterus. Such damage halts any attempts at conception. One possible condition caused by this type of damage some women experienced was uterine fibroid emobilization, where menstruation ceases along with a woman’s window of fertility.

During pregnancy fibroids grow due to increase in estrogen level resulting miscarriages and immature baby. But it can be controlled.
If you have fibroids and are trying to conceive, try a complete body cleanse or herbal remedies. The goal of a complete body cleanse is to clear out toxins that promote fibroid growth. There are also herbal remedies available which are marketed to balance hormones and reduce fibroid volume naturally. The Fibroid Shrinking Kit can be used to reduce your fibroids, while increasing your fertility.

If youre already pregnant, body cleansings are not suggested. But superfoods prevent toxins that increases the fibroid growth and to remove safely from your body. It is very safe to take during pregnancy and it increases the energy level of the baby and you.
I have experience working with pregnant women with fibroids who were concerned over the health and safety of their babies. While superfoods did not shrink the fibroids, they were able to control fibroid growth and stop them from threatening the pregnancy. I have a 100% success rate with a safe pregnancy and healthy baby for all of the women I have consulted.

“AlkaGreens Plus” is a mixture of 12 superfoods like spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and barleygrass. It comes as a powdered concentrate you combine with juice or water. There are several other superfoods, and each one has a beneficial effect.

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