Ovarian Cysts Pregnancy

Ovarian cysts that occur during pregnancy can be Harmful to both the mother and child if not evaluated and treated with care. Many cysts resolve themselves, however some will require medical treatment.

Problems can occur with ovarian cysts during pregnancy, especially if the cysts are large or cancerous, complex, or pose a threat to the baby’s health because of their location. If the ovarian cysts are just simple fluid-filled cysts that are small and benign, your doctor may put you on bed rest with specific instructions to encourage your body to resolve the issue. If the cysts are large, or if pathology is suspected, then simple monitoring may not be an option.

Pregnant women have a small chance of developing ovarian cysts during their childbearing years. In the United States, these cysts are cancerous in about one out of every 25,000 births. If you have a large cyst, or multiple cysts that are suspicious or interfere with the growth or blood supply of the baby or your ovary, surgery may be needed.

If you’re pregnant and have ovarian cysts, it’s important to discuss all of your treatment options with your doctor. If the cysts rupture or twist on themselves, it can cut off blood flow to the ovary and cause severe pain. This can also result in a miscarriage or premature labor.

Surgery is usually only needed if the cysts are large or cause pain. The ideal time for surgery is between 14-16 weeks, when the risks to the baby are minimal.

Make sure to ask your doctor any questions you have so that you can make the best decision for your health and the health of your baby.

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