Stretch Marks And Don’t Necessarily Go Hand-in-hand

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is a joyous time for women, however, there are a downsides that can put a damper on this life-changing experience. For example, stretch marks are one of the worst consequences of pregnancy.

you may notice stretch marks appearing around your breasts, hips, and abdominal due to the extreme stretching of your skin which is caused by weight gain and liquid retention. If you gain too much weight you may also notice stretch marks appearing around your thighs and upper arms.

Here are a few tips that will you prevent and treat stretch marks during and even after pregnancy. And keep in mind that these tips are also helpful if you’re trying to treat stretch marks that appear due to factors other than pregnancy, such as puberty, and weight fluctuations.

Prevent Stretch Marks Before and During Pregnancy

Your doctor may prescribe creams for stretch marks to help your skin adapt to the stretching that occurs during pregnancy. When used properly they should be able to help your skin stretch without breaking.

These creams should be accompanied by a steady weight gain. Remember, gaining weight too quickly will increase your probabilities of developing stretch marks not to mention make it harder to lose the baby fat and possibly create issues that can affect your baby.

A diet can do wonders for controlling your weight gain. Pregnancy is every woman’s dieting scapegoat, however, if you really think about it there is no excuse for overeating while , especially when you know that you should only be eating 300 extra calories a .

Also, stay away from junk and overly processed foods which are both high in sodium and have empty calories. They will only make you gain extra pounds faster than you can imagine.

How to Eliminate Pregnancy Stretch Marks

If you want to treat loose skin and stretch marks your bet is plastic . Plastic surgery removes excess skin as well as stretch marks. The resulting scar is hidden in the skin’s natural folds.

When a person undergoes surgery to remove stretch marks the treatment is usually done on the abdomen and nowhere else. You can remove stretch marks found in other areas of the body by using natural stretch marks creams. These creams are great whether you’re treating extensive areas of skin or smaller ones.

Stretch mark creams are a slow treatment that requires patience and consistency, however, if you want a highly effective stretch mark cream, then you need to find products that contain rose hip oil, snail serum, or emu oil. Each one of these ingredients has a substantial history in their fight against stretch marks.

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