The Benefits Of Omega 3 During Pregnancy

There’s a great deal of benefits to Omega 3 that much is pretty much assured and that’s why there have been such a wide variety of studies into the various areas in which it can be beneficial. Tests have been conducted to investigate its benefits in areas from weight loss to improving various skin conditions. However one area which can seen particularly high attention is the taking of omega 3 during pregnancy.

The human body cannot naturally produce omega 3 and that is why it is important to find a regular intake in your diet which contains this. Fortunately it can be found in a variety of areas particularly in oily fish such as salmon and tuna as well as in walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Furthermore it is readily available in a supplementary form.

However its benefits during pregnancy have been widely documented because they are so numerous. Of course with pregnancy it is very important to be careful with any kind of supplement and you should always consult a physician before taking them.

Omega 3 does not only benefit the mother, it can also play a major part in the development of the infant from as early as the foetal stage. Studies have shown that a healthy intake of omega 3 plays a part in the development of the brain which suggests that this benefit will extend bast birth into infancy and early childhood. It helps the brain to process information more readily giving your child the best early start in life.

Furthermore omega 3 also aids in retinal development as well as development of the nervous system. As a result this can reduce the chances of conditions affecting these areas developing.

The benefits also extend to the mother not only in maintaining good health during pregnancy but also in reducing the chances of common post pregnancy conditions. During pregnancy taking omega 3 supplements can reduce the chances of developing preeclampsia. This condition can result in raised blood pressure and potentially hypertension during pregnancy. A healthy intake of best fish oils can also reduce the chances of postpartum depression, low birth weight babies and preterm labor.

Tests on children who were supplemented with higher levels of omega 3 while in utero showed that compared to other children they displayed greater attention spans and better visual acuity. Clearly for the minimal effort required to take regular omega 3 there are a wealth of benefits to any budding mother.

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